Sunday, March 11, 2012 (Constellation Park, Wickenburg, AZ)

After four days of riding we decided to give the ATV’s a rest and take today off.  Besides we needed to take care of things around home...we needed to fill the water containers, and get propane and gas.  So after our usual lazy start to the day, we did our resistance exercises, had breakfast, showered and were ready to go.

We headed through town to Wickenburg Oil where we got the propane tank filled and then pulled over to the water tap and filled up our two blue water containers.  Steve had checked on the Gasbuddy website to see where the best gas price was (boy, gas and diesel sure has gone up lately) and found that the Shell station was the cheapest at $3.99/gallon.

While we were out we checked out the sani-dump at the Community Center in town...we just wanted to make sure we could get our rig in okay. We were surprised to find that they also have quite a few campsites with power and water available...however they are very close together.  When we leave on Wednesday we need to take the fifth-wheel to a tire shop to get one of the tires changed so we checked out Big-O Tire’s parking lot and determined that it would be pretty tight.  I checked Serena to see if there were any other tire shops in Wickenburg...there were two others.  We went to Wickenburg Tire and were very pleased to see they had a huge parking lot with lots of room to manoeuvre the rig...Steve is going to call them tomorrow morning and make an appointment for Wednesday morning.

With all of our errands taken care of, we headed home.  After a late lunch, Steve puttered around outside while I worked on our blog and baked cookies.  Next thing we knew, it was after’s amazing how fast the days go by!

Bob and Sue had gone out on their quads early this morning and it was almost 5:30 by the time they returned home.  Bob stopped by and invited us down to their place for happy hour but unfortunately we had to decline...since we hadn’t gone out riding, I had planned a dinner that was going to take extra time to prepare (pork tenderloin and yam fries).  We also found out that they are leaving in the morning...drats, this would be our last chance to visit with them... “double unfortunate”!

Tomorrow we are going to hit the trails again with Earl and Allison...

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