Friday to Wednesday, September 23 to 28, 2016 (Fort Camping, Brae Island Regional Park, Fort Langley, BC)

We woke to rain Friday morning...and it pretty well rained all day. Consequently, it ended up being an "inside" day. Steve relaxed in his chair enjoying a combination of watching "his" shows on TV and reading. I puttered around doing all sorts of "stuff"...banking, ordering contacts, etc, etc.

About mid afternoon, I decided to go for a walk into town...the rain had subsided to just a mist so it wasn't too bad. I wandered around town a bit, picked up a few veggies at the market and then headed home.

While in town, the Cops for Cancer - Tour de Valley 2016 rode by...

Saturday's weather was much didn't rain all day! We still had a pretty lazy morning, though.

Steve decided to knock off another thing from his "to-do" list and headed outside late morning to clean the barbecue. While he did that, I puttered around inside and also had a great chat with one of my "besties" Glenna. Wonderful catching up...let's do it in person next time!

After lunch we decided to get out for some ride or walk? We decided on a's Saturday and the paths will be busy so it's easier to walk around all the peeps than to ride (or at least, less stressful).
 This little fellow wasn't at all afraid of us...
The river was busy today...

On the way back, Steve and I parted...he returned to the campground while I went for a stroll into town to check out a little shop that sold clothing. As it turned out, the shop is no longer there so I wasn't all that far behind Steve getting home.

We sat outside lounging in our chairs for the rest of the afternoon...reading/snoozing. But by 4:00 it was just getting too cool, so we went inside and hunkered down in front of the fireplace.

Sunday was another pretty lazy day....well, actually...a very lazy day. Although not sunny, it was quite mild out, so we spent most of the afternoon sitting outside...Steve reading and I was knitting.

At 4:00 we headed out...Deb and Ray have invited us over for dinner at Deb's Dad's place. It is his caregiver's day off so Deb would be over there cooking...and invited us to join them. Unfortunately, Deb had her plantar fasciitis flare up again so was unable to stand/walk but she had a lot of help prepping dinner and then I helped with the final dishes. So glad you didn't was our last chance to get together before they head south for the winter.

As usual, we had a wonderful meal with great nice meeting Deb's dad too! He has a lovely home in a beautiful area of Surrey...and at 87 years old, is so lucky to be able to remain there. His live-in caregiver was a great find, glad it worked out!
Steve, George, Deb and Ray...
Monday ended up being a chore day. Steve decided to wash the boat...well, he actually did "quite a number on it", a 3-step process...oxidation, polish and wax. As a lady passing by said..."the fish will appreciate all your hard work!" LOL    

While he did that, I decided to knock one off my "to-do" list and tackle the purging of my closet and cupboard...getting rid of 2 big garbage bags of old clothing, shoes and handbags. There...I've done my bit to lighten up the rig!

We loaded the boat back onto the truck then once we were finished our chores for the day, we relaxed outside for the rest of the afternoon. A thick layer of clouds rolled in and when we started to feel some raindrops, we moved under the awning and Steve got the Campfire-in-a-Can out. Shortly after 4:00, John and Pat joined us for one last visit...they leave in the morning for the states. So great meeting you and spending time together...I'm sure our paths will cross travels!

Tuesday morning Steve went through his clothes and added a third bag to go to a thrift store. By late morning we were ready to head out to take care of a few errands. We started with a stop at the liquor store in Fort Langley, then onto the elementary school parking lot where there was a clothing donation box, followed by a drive into Langley to a recycling depot that took electronics...there, we have disposed of almost 60 pounds of unnecessary weight from the trailer!

After a quick stop at Walmart, we were back home. We had lunch and then since it was such a beautiful sunny day, we decided to go for a bike ride. We rode along the river trail all of the way to the campground at Derby Reach and back...our favourite ride, especially on such a lovely day!

I made a batch of trail bars...and by that time, it was 4:00 and time to relax outside in the late afternoon sunshine.

Wednesday was an absolutely beautiful sunny day...but you can definitely tell it's fall. There is a chill in the air, especially when not in the direct sunshine. I did laundry in the morning...while Steve watched "his shows" on TV, waiting for it to warm up outside.

After lunch we decided to take a stroll into town. My left knee is causing me some grief so I needed to take it easy. I'm so glad that I have an appointment with my Orthopedic Surgeon on Friday to get a injection of "super-lube" (Synvisc-One),

This is the lowest we've ever seen the Fraser River. Even though we are many miles from the ocean this part of the river is still tidal so maybe there are exceptionally low tides happening...
Nice ride outside of the Beatniks Bistro restaurant...
We wandered up one side of the main street and down the other checking out a couple of shops...then stopped for an ice cream cone. We sat down outside the diner...
...but decided to go across the street to a picnic table in the shade...
It was lovely walk...we wore off some calories and then added more...LOL! Back home we relaxed outside in the late afternoon sunshine until our site was in total shade...and it was chilly, so we put our chairs away and headed inside for the rest of the evening.

We are heading over to Vancouver Island tomorrow...can hardly wait to see Rob, Angie...and of course, our grandsons, Conner and Bryce!

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  1. Great seeing you guys for dinner. Safe travels to Africa. Looking forward to seeing you again at the end of January somewhere in southern arizona!