Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, September 11, 12 and 13, 2016 (Fort Camping, Brae Island Regional Park, Fort Langley, BC)

Sunday was basically a work day. Steve got out early in the morning and got started on the was in desperate need of a washing. I guess he had a hellva time scrubbing off all of the bug splatters on the front of the cab. While he was doing that, I cleaned up inside, coloured my hair and then got started on a mountain of laundry that had piled up over the past few weeks.

Shortly after 2:00 I decided to walk into town to pick up a few things at the market. As I left, Steve was just finishing up in the cab of the truck...using our new Dyson V6 to vacuum out the interior. He was pleased with the results. Instead of having to walk home carrying my groceries, I timed it so that I would be finished and waiting on the street when Chris and Angela drove by so I could grab a ride back....yes, our son and daughter-in-law came out for a visit and dinner.

We sat outside chatting for a couple of hours...

...and then went inside for dinner...

It was going on 8:00 when Chris and Angela decided it was time to head home. So good to see you both...looking forward to getting together more over the next month or so.

Monday we had errands to take care of...we started off by going to Gold Key Isuzu (again) to see our rep, offence, Dave, but this is getting old...don't really want to see you anymore! Will we ever get the "squeal" in the truck fixed? After chatting with him, we made arrangements to drop it off tomorrow afternoon so they could work on it Wednesday.

Next was a trip to Kal had to be one that handles commercial trucks, so Steve had done a little research and found one fairly close. The new front left tire on the truck had started loosing air a couple of weeks ago, so obviously there is a leak somewhere. Sheesh! Anyway, they couldn't take a look for about 45 minutes, so Steve drove me back to Walmart so I could do some shopping while he was getting the tire fixed.

He ended up being finished just as I was walking out of after a brief wait, he picked me up and we drove over to the next parking lot and Save-on-Foods where I could finish up my shopping. And with that done, we headed a very late lunch. So late in fact, that we ended up with just a light dinner that night.

Tuesday we had an appointment at the Travel Medicine and Vaccination Clinic in Langley late morning. Wow, talk about information overload...she was really good, though...and thorough. We left with a bunch of information, a decision to make about which Malaria prevention treatment we want to go with....and we both had had 3 shots and had another appointment in 4 weeks for another Hep B shot.

The easiest spot for us to park had been down the road at the Willowbrook Shopping Centre, so since we still need some things....light jacket, hat, shirt, just to name a few..we decided to go check out some stores in the mall. We had been hoping to catch some end of summer sales but looks like we are a little's proving to be a challenge finding light weight and light coloured clothing. Apparently dark colours will attract mosquito's. After the mall, we went to a couple of other stores in the area and I manage to find a light coloured nylon wind-breaker type jacket. It wouldn't have normally been something I would choose, but it was close enough and the price was right (regular $45 on sale for $17). But we still have shopping to do...looks like we're going to have to hit more stores in the greater Vancouver area!

Next on the agenda was a haircut for Steve. While he was having that done, I popped into MEC (Mountain Equipment Co-op) to see if they had what we were looking for...nope...nothing but dark colours. Sheesh! We dropped the truck off at Gold Key and were driven home by the courtesy shuttle driver. By this time, it was late afternoon, so we sat outside relaxing in the sunshine...yes, sunshine! We've had three warm, beautiful, clear, sunny days in a row!

After dinner we decided to get out for a walk around the campground and were happy to see that Sue's parents, Wolfgang and Christine, were still here. We sat and chatted with them for a little while before continuing on our walk. Great seeing you both again!


  1. sounds like the two of you are so busy!! so much for relaxing!
    great that you got to meet my parents!!

  2. Yes, I'm glad we managed to see them before they left!