Monday, August 22, 2016 (Travel to Cochrane, BC)

We woke to a very blustery morning Monday...oh great, we really don't want to travel in that kind of wind! The dust was being blown down the roads...

We even contemplated waiting a day however, a few hours later the wind had subsided a little and we were able to hit the road. We even had some blue sky and sunshine!

The blue sky was rather short lived, though...look at those clouds developing to the west!

View of the Monterra development at the man made Cochrane Lakes
There is Cochrane Lake ahead...almost at Ken and Charlene's place.
By the time we got our rig parked on the boulevard across the street from Ken and Charlene's place, the wind was howling and the rain had started. We grabbed some things from the trailer and headed into the house. We will leave our rig parked here and stay in their guest room.
We spent the rest of the afternoon catching up and then enjoyed a wonderful fish dinner that Charlene prepared.

Ken and Charlene have a great spot right on Cochrane Lake. The last time we had been here was six years ago when we started our travelling adventures. We arrived with no real plans on how long to stay but Ken urged us to stay for the week...lots to do and so nice to spend time with them!

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