Thursday, April 7, 2016 (Nk'Mip RV Park, Osoyoos, BC)

Well, today marks one week since we arrived here...and having booked into the park for only the one week, it was supposed to be the day we move on. That week has gone by way too fast...good thing we decided a few days ago that it wasn't long enough...and extended our stay. Our plan, as it stands now, is to slowly start heading west on Monday (and I mean, slowly...we don't have to be in Fort Langley until April 20)

It was well after 10:00 when we finally were ready to go out for a walk. It was gorgeous day...with temps reaching 24C/75F. We walked around the campground. Here is a picture down by the lake. There are lakefront sites all with full hookups...
On the agenda for today...a drive into Osoyoos and a walk around town (and a couple of errands too). This may sound strange, but one thing that is a "must" in Osoyoos is to visit the local Home Hardware is like no other we've ever seen. My brother and Sister-in-law (Dennis and Suzanne) first took us there a few years back when we were visiting the area. The hardware store is huge, carrying all sorts of things from regular "hardware type stuff" to home decor items and lots of nick-nacks. Always interesting!

We have been passing The Owl Pub, right downtown on the waterfront, every time we've gone through town...
So today we decided to have lunch there...sitting outside on the deck, of course...
 Doug and Steve both had burgers...they were huge! Sue and I had salads. Our meals were delicious!
We were home around 2:00...time for some RnR out in the sunshine. I was sitting in my chair crocheting when Mr. and Mrs. Donald and Daisy Duck came by for a visit. They are very tame...

...and have no problems coming right up and taking the bread right from Steve's hand...

We have a bird feeder full of bird seed out that the little birdies don't seem to care Steve dumped some out on the ground for Donald and Daisy...they quite enjoyed it! We figured that would be better for them than bread.

Shortly after 4:00, Doug and Sue joined us for happy hour...and, as usual, we enjoyed a couple of hours chatting with them. The weather has been so awesome...great to be able to sit outside. We really didn't think we'd be able to spend as much time outside as we have!


  1. Haven't read the blog in a while. You were in my old hometown of Penticton. Best spot for beer and a burger is Barley Mill Pub by Cherrylane Mall. At least it used to be. Hope you made it there. If not, maybe next trip. Travel safe.

  2. I think there are too many happy hours for you guys......

  3. I am not sure there can be too many happy hours!

  4. there are never too many happy hours..we are almost at the end of them for now! ..insert sad face!