Sunday, January 31, 2016 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

Wind was the order of the day today...with wind and blowing dust warnings. It started off breezy but by late morning, dust was being whipped up forcing us to close the door and all windows.

Fellow RV Dreamer Greg (RV Solar Solutions) came over and showed Steve how to reset our solar display make the voltage and percentage readings match. They both chatted lots about solar for some time...while I did the dishes and cleaned up inside.

Once I was finished inside, I walked over to Jim and Barb's with my laptop. I really like the way he has separate tabs on his blog (Jim and Barb's RV Adventure) with yearly travel I asked him if he would show me how it's done. About an hour later, I was back home...thanks, Jim! Guess what I did all afternoon? See the new addition to our blog??

So we had an "inside" afternoon...while I was working on the blog, Steve researched places to visit on our route home and how long it would take us. It just seems so weird to be thinking about heading north...the winter is just flying by!

As the wind blew with gusts forecast up to 50 mph, the trailer rocked. Steve took a few pictures throughout the blustery afternoon. That's Jim and Barb's rig on the left, Dave and Diane's in the centre; and Gerry and Linda's far right...

Wind and dust is increasing...
 Gerry & Linda's rig...
 Dave and Diane's...
Jim and Barb's...

At 5:15 we braved the strong winds and left the trailer, jumping quickly into Red and Pam's truck.
Ruth and Dale had invited the four of us to join them for dinner at Silly Al's. With the large groups that we have been gathering in lately, it's been really hard to have a good visit, so it was nice to chat with them...although Silly Al's is a pretty noisy place at the best of times!! Thanks for the pizza, Dale and Ruth!

A couple of hours later when we stepped outside, we were surprised to see the ground had rained out! And by the look of it on our drive home, it had rained a lot! There was even sheet lightning lighting up the dark sky to the east.


  1. Fun night at Silly Al's, wondering why the photo makes it look like we're the only ones with adult beverages?? Lol, fun night with good friends, enjoyed the smaller get together. See you when we return to Q at the end of Feb☺
    Dale and Ruth

  2. Looking forward to the wind subsiding. I know what you mean about large groups, as great as it is to see everyone we did not get to spend much one on one time with a few of them which would have been nice.