Monday and Tuesday, February 15 and 16, 2016 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

Just before 10:00 Monday morning we walked over to Jim and Barb's...we are going to Blythe this morning. The reason is two-fold...our credit card replacements are at the UPS office there and we wanted to show Jim and Barb the location of the pole barn where they are hoping to store their jeep,with trailer and side x side for the summer.

We arrived at the UPS office only to find a note on the door saying that due to staffing problems, the office would not be open until much for that plan. With the time difference, 3:30 in Blythe, CA is actually 4:30 in Quartzsite, AZ, so I guess we will be making the trip back to Blythe tomorrow since we have plans for later this afternoon.

Next on the agenda was the pole we drove out Lovekin Road, showed Jim and Barb where it was and then continued further out along Midland Road to Midland LTVA. We drove through, past Dennis and Charlene's spot, then turned around. Charlene/Dennis, we noticed your car was gone but also didn't want to just drop in without any if one of you were home and noticed a white pickup drive by...that was us!

After a quick stop at Smart and Final, we headed home. Thanks for our morning outing, Jim and Barb!

We had a pretty relaxing afternoon. I called UPS, explained that we had driven 30 miles to pick up a package (arriving during the one hour they have posted as their hours open for pickups) only to find the office closed. So I asked for the phone number for the Blythe office so that I could call before we go to ensure they are open. A short while later I received a phone call back with the local number. We'll call tomorrow morning before we head off again.

After that was taken care of, I joined Steve outside and spent the rest of the afternoon working on my crochet project while Steve read. Sweater for Conner is done...onto a matching hat!

At about 4:15 we headed over to Harry and Vicki's...they had invited us over for dinner. We sat outside enjoying cocktails as the mouth watering smell of the tri-tip roast Harry had on the barbecue wafted by. When it was ready, we went inside for dinner...not only did the tri-tip smell good, it was delicious!   

We had a lovely dinner and then went back outside and continued our visit for a little while longer until we decided it was time to wander back home. Thanks for a great evening, Harry and Vicki!

Tuesday morning I called the UPS office in Blythe and found out that they would not be open for pick-ups until 3:30 (which is 4:30 our time). Okay...fine, glad I called. I think perhaps they should change their website to better reflect the hours they are open to the public.

While I was inside, I could hear Steve, who was sitting outside, talking very quietly...I wondered who he was talking to so took a look out the door to find him having quite the conversation with this Roadrunner...

It hung around for several minutes then went "beep, beep" and ran off. :-)

At 11:10, we headed out to meet Bob and Karen for lunch at the Grubstake in town. We've seen them a few times over the past month but always in a group environment, so it was time to spend some time with them and catch up. Besides we are both leaving the area this would be our last chance. We had a great couple of hours chatting and then after hugs and handshakes, we parted. Thanks for making the trip down from Parker, was wonderful seeing you!

We had a few hours to kill before we would be able to pick up our package in Blythe, so we started with a stop at Hi Jolly Cemetery. I had been there last year with Pam but Steve hadn't been yet.
 (Click to enlarge photos)

After that we drove to Blythe and decided to check out the Intaglios that are off highway 95 just north of Blythe...

When Lee and Tracy had been in Q, they drove out to check out the Blythe Intaglios and Lee had taken some pictures from his drone...a much better view of them, thanks Lee!

It was a pretty bumpy gravel road...
We went out just past where the main road turned into BLM trails. Steve parked and walked up to the top of this hill. There's a geocache up there!
On the way in we had stopped at the first pull-off, but didn't see a trail or notice the fencing in the distance that takes you to two we caught them on our way out...

Lee's aerial photo...

A much better view...thanks, again, Lee...
That's our truck in the distance...
Another geocache!

After a quick stop at ACE hardware, we were finally able to pick up our package (with our new US credit cards) at UPS...and then headed back to Q. A helicopter was coming down to land....
...just outside the hotel. What a dust cloud he made after we passed!

We got home just before 5:30. It seems we have gone from one extreme to another weather-wise. It wasn't long ago when the daytime temps were barely reaching 60F/15C, now we're into the high 80's (30'sC)...but after the coldest winter we have ever experienced here, we've decided we'd better not complain!


  1. We never knew Steve spoke roadrunner, how cool is that? Good to hear you finally got your cc.