Saturday, February 6, 2016 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

Well...this was another pretty laid back kind of day. However, we were up and out just before 9:30 when Harry and Vicki stopped by to pick us up. There is a Craft Fair the first Saturday of every month at the QIA...and since today happened to be that day, we thought we'd see if any of the newbies to Q (or anyone who hadn't been) wanted to check it out.

Dave and Diane followed us there and we spent the next hour or so wandering around. We started inside...
...and then finished off outside...

There wasn't anything that I really wanted to buy but it is always interesting to check out the creativity of the folks that display their wares. Dave and Diane picked up a couple of things, as did Vicki. About an hour and a half later, we were home...and with nothing else planned for the day, we had lunch and then settled outside in the sunshine. Steve read his magazines and I worked on my crocheting.

While sitting out there, Rob and Joyce, another couple we met on our trip to Alaska in 2013, stopped by for a visit. They had noticed some black smoke to the north so had come over to make sure it wasn't us...but the the smoke was further off in the distance, closer to the I-10. Steve went up on top of the trailer for a better vantage point and from it's location it appeared to be an RV fire. Rob and Joyce joined us for a couple of hours and we enjoyed a nice visit with them. Steve had actually said earlier that we should ride the quads over later for a visit with them...they beat us to the punch!

After they left, we continued our relaxing in the sunshine and then at about 5:00, Pam walked over to let us know that a few people were gathering over at their place for a drink...since we couldn't see on the other side of their rig. So we took our chairs and a drink and joined them for about an hour.

After a quick dinner, we got the Rummikub game ready and Red and Pam joined us for the evening. We managed to play four games...Red won two and both Steve and I won one...and Pam came close but didn't managed to get to her turn before someone (Red) went out! A fun evening...and a change from hunkering down in front of the TV!


  1. Dave has me pretty excited when he stopped by that morning. I asked him where he was going and I thought he said "draft beer" I was almost in his jeep before I asked again and he said "Craft Fair".....totally disappointed I walked away telling him to have fun.