Friday and Saturday, February 12 and 13, 2016 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

It was another gorgeous day today...with temps into the low 80'sF (26C). Lots of blue sky and sunshine...with just a bit of a breeze.

After breakfast, showers and dishes, Steve headed into the post office to see if our replacement credit cards had arrived. While he was gone, I cleaned the bathroom and vacuumed the trailer. I must admit that with our current built-in vacuum, I feel like I am just moving dust and dirt around rather than actually removing it from the carpet. Oh well...a new vacuum is in my future, I just have to decide which one I want...Shark or Dyson.

There was nothing at the post office for us so I called the card company to see if I could get a tracking find out where our credit cards were, after all, they said 2 to 3 business days and we should have them. I found out that UPS could not deliver because of an incorrect address and that our package was at the UPS office in Blythe, CA. Wrong address??...even if it had been (which is wasn't), the post office in Quartzsite can't be that hard to find! Sheesh! Anyway, we will go to Blythe to pick them up on Monday, since the office is closed weekends, and open one hour per day Monday to Friday.

Steve emptied the holding tanks and filled up the fresh water tank...and then got to work on fixing the leaky gate valve to the kitchen holding tank. He managed to buy replacement rubber gaskets that seemed a tiny bit thicker and spent around 45 minutes trying to get it all back together. Frustrated he returned the gaskets and purchased a new gate valve. In just a few minutes he had it all back together again. Fingers crossed that we won't have a leak the next time he dumps the tanks.

With my work done, I sat outside with my crocheting (again!)...later on in the afternoon (yes, in the heat of the day), I decided to go for a walk. Forty minutes later I was back, somewhat warm...and resumed my position in my chair with my crocheting.

Saturday morning we were out for a walk before was such a gorgeous morning! Once home, we had breakfast and then got ready for our day. Just before 10:30 Harry and Vicki stopped by to pick us up...a group of us are going to The Desert Bar.
Unfortunately on the way in on the very bumpy gravel  road, Harry got a little too close to the side as he let vehicles pass coming the opposite direction...and ended up blowing one of the tires on his truck. Having duallies allowed Harry to continue driving until we reached the parking lot. Thankfully it was the outside tire too. So the first thing the guys did upon arrival was to change it...well mostly Jim and Rick.

That's Jim getting right into it...the faster we get this done, the faster we get into the bar for a cold brew!

What we hadn't realized was that there was a big race happening today. The Desert Bar was hosting the annual "Desert Dash, a 5 k walk/run and a 5 mile bike ride to the bar for charity". So the place was already much for getting there early to get tables and chairs for the 10 of us! Note to self...go online and check out activities at the Desert Bar before going! But as the guys were changing the tire, Vicki, Barb, Lisa and I went in to see if we could muster up a spot to sit. We were lucky, managing to move a few recently vacated tables and chairs together for everyone. Today, we were after was much warmer than the last time we were here!
Red, Harry, Rick, Dino, Lisa, Jim, Barb, Vicki, me and Steve...(thanks for the picture, Vicki!)
Some folks dressed in pirate costumes...don't know what that is all about...
Dino, Lisa, Barb and Jim trying to figure out how to attack the mega tray of nachos...
Steve went up the hill to take a's packed down there!

Lots of 4 wheelers in the back parking area...
A constant stream of traffic coming and going...

We headed out just before 2:30...there was still a steady stream of vehicles making the slow lumpy trip to the bar...

After stocking up at Walmart and Safeway, Harry and Vicki dropped us off around 5:00. Another great day out with a great group of friends!

While relaxing outside after putting all of the groceries away, my brother, Dennis called. He and Suzanne are in Phoenix and wanted to know if we would be home tomorrow. They are going to stop by for a visit on their way back to Indio. Yup, we are...looking forward to seeing you both...and of course, Dunkin!


  1. Don't forget that Monday is Presidents Day. Make sure UPS will be open.
    Dave & Diane

    1. Oh geez, thanks for the heads up, Dave! I just called and a recording said that all UPS operations will be normal tomorrow...whew!

  2. Another fun day at the Desert Bar! Thanks for the pictures, I stole a couple for our blog!

  3. Hey Dianne, I have a Dyson in our motorhome and just love it. Small and compact and the assorted attachments also help. Only thing I don't like is that you have to hold the start button while you are using it and if you need it for more than 10-12 minutes your finger will get sore. I also have one in my house and use the older model one in the motorhome and it usually only takes me about 4 minutes to do our 33' from front to back. Good luck on your decision. Even 10 minutes of housework is yucky, LOL.

    1. Thanks for your review of the Dyson, will help with my decision!