Saturday, January 30, 2016 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

We had another gorgeous sunrise this morning...the sunrises and sunsets have been pretty spectacular!

At 10:45, Harry and Vicki picked us up and we were off to Parker...and Black Pearl Restaurant at Pirates Den RV Resort. Steve had called and made reservations so our tables outside on the deck were ready for us when we arrived.
There were 19 of us split between two tables. Steve, Debbie, Rick, Vicki, Harry, Gina, Debbie, Dave and me at one table...

...and Red, Pam, Dave, Diane, Jim, Barb, Lisa, Dino, Karen and Bob at the other table...

Everyone's  looking at the loud speed boats going by...
There were quite a few clouds when we first arrived, but it wasn't long before they all cleared off and it was a beautiful warm day.

We all had a great time visiting...but with such a large group split between two tables, we really only got a chance to chat with those at our table. But it looked like those at the other table were enjoying themselves too...hopefully everyone had a good meal and enjoyed the gathering!

A couple of hours later, lunch was over and we all headed off. There was a big flea market happening out in the parking lot so many went over there to check it out. We headed back into Parker to Walmart and Safeway. Not sure if I have mentioned this before, but Walmart (in the USA) have a Walmart Savings Catcher website where you can enter your TC # from your receipt and they will check all other stores in the vicinity to see if there are any lower prices. Since they guarantee the lowest price, they will price match, giving you a credit for the difference. So far I have accumulated about $22 and when I'm ready to redeem the money, they'll send an e-card for the amount that can be used at any Walmart. Too bad Walmart Canada doesn't offer the same program!

I was going on 4:00 by the time we got home. Thanks so much for the ride, Harry and was great spending the time with you!

After the groceries were put away, we basically just chilled inside. At 6:00 Steve powered up the TV and noticed a two-part "History of the Eagles" was on we ended up watching the whole thing (all 4 hours). We had seen it before while visiting our son, Chris, in Vancouver but it was so good, we enjoyed watching it again. So sad that Glenn Frey passed away just a couple of weeks ago...such a talent, and great music. We feel fortunate to have seen the Eagles live in concert once...and were hoping to see them again, but I guess not...

I forgot to mention that yesterday we put our deposit down on a trip to Africa. We will be going on a tour of Tanzania and Rwanda leaving this Fall. This is Steve #1 bucket list item and we are both so excited about it! If you are interested in viewing our itinerary, click on this link African Adventure. To view a map of our adventure, click on the tab above (African Adventure Tour, Fall 2016)


  1. We recorded 1/2 of part 1 and all of part 2 of the Eagle history show. Watching it tonight unless the wind tips us over!

    1. We really enjoyed it! Hope the wind lets you watch it!