Tuesday and Wednesday, February 2 and 3, 2016 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

We started our day in the usual way...then it was onto exercises and breakfast. I decided it was about time I got out walking again...something I have been neglecting lately (seems we've just been too busy).

We had a couple of RV-Dreamers pull out today...Lee and Trace left before we were able to get out and say goodbye. However, Greg and Cori were still packing up then I joined Steve for a quick chat with Cori and then after hugs and handshakes, we both said goodbye to Greg and Cori...and I went off for my walk while Steve headed back to our rig..

After a 45 minute walk, I was back home...time to shower and then clean up the kitchen. While I was doing that, Steve dusted off our truck and then went with Red into town to fill up propane and drinking water.

It was a sunny, beautiful day...but chilly with a breeze. I just couldn't get much energy up to do much other than hunker down inside. So after a little on-line banking, I decided to work on our 2014 Travel Map...interesting going back on our blog and entering all of our stops throughout the year. Steve spent his afternoon out and about visiting neighbours.

At about 4:00 Steve suggested we take a bevie and walk over for a visit with Dave and Diane. We enjoyed a chat with them...and a tour of their motorhome. Very nice!

Back home, Steve grilled burgers for dinner...and then we got ready for company.
We have been meaning to get together with Earl and Allison to play Rummikub ever since they arrived...finally, tonight is the night! We played six games...Allison won 3, both Steve and Earl won one game each and I won the last game. Whew...I thought it was going to be a shut out for me!

Wednesday we woke up to clear blue sky...but it was cold! And it didn't seem to be in a hurry to warm up. The wind also added an extra bite when outside. However, a look at the forecast shows a warming trend on its way...with temperatures expected to be into the 70's F/20's C by early next week.

At 9:45, Barb, Diane, and I headed off to the QIA with Pam...for a fun filled and absolutely hilarious hour of line dancing lessons. I seem to have had two left feet today but it was a blast...next time we might actually stay for the full two hours.

When I got home Steve had just finished trying to change out the front rollers on the the boat loader. He had been unable to complete the task, though, since he couldn't get it apart...looks like he will be contacting the builder when we get back home.

We had considered going out on the quads this afternoon to do a little geocaching but decided to hold off for a couple of days until it warms up. So I stayed inside and baked some muffins and Steve decided to go into town to the hardware store. The roof is starting to need some attention so he picked up some Dicor Lap Sealant and a plastic scraper. For the larger areas he ordered a roll of Eternabond Tape from Amazon. After I had the muffins in the oven and had cleaned up, I decided to try sitting outside in the sunshine. The wind was chilly but sitting against the trailer, out of the wind, it was quite warm and pleasant. So I brought out my crocheting.

A little later, Pam joined me in the sunshine and we had a great visit over a glass of wine while I untangled a mess of yarn...and Steve joined Red and Brian working on Red/Pam's generator/inverter problem. It seems that the the Prosine settings for shore power on the Zantrex Inverter need to be changed when using power from a generator. High power loads from appliances will trip the Inverter and it will continue to to reset and trip. Ours does the same thing but we have learned to leave our Inverter in the on position and turn the battery charger off while running high load appliances.

As the sun went down, it really cooled off, so Pam headed home and we retreated inside...for dinner and an evening in front of the heater, watching TV.


  1. Let me know when you are going to work on your roof I will come over and help or just have a beer and watch!

    1. Haha...I'm sure Steve would appreciate the help...or the supervision as you relax with a beer!

  2. Sorry to miss the line dancing....sounded like it could have been lots of fun!!

    1. It's really fun as long as you don't get too serious about it...especially if you have 2 left feet!!