Friday and Saturday, February 19 and 20, 2016 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

We had a particularly lazy morning Friday...don't know if it was because of the cloudy sky, but as more sun started to break through, we too, finally started to get moving.

With some clouds hanging around, Steve decided it would be a good day to do some maintenance on the roof. After being up there and getting started, he came down and said he had to go into the hardware in town to get some silicone remover. So by the time he did that and got back to work, most of the clouds had burned off and it was a pretty hot job up on the white roof.

The old Dicor Lap Sealant is starting to crack. Steve cleaned the area and removed as much of the old silicone along the molding as he could. Nobody in town carried Silicone Caulking Remover however RV Lifestyles recommended a product called Goof Off which didn't work nearly as well.

The 4" wide Eternabond Tape covers the area nicely without having to remove the old Dicor Lap Sealant. You want to lay this stuff down right the first time because you're not going to get a second chance. With uneven surfaces it's hard to prevent getting the occasional bubble under the tape but the instructions said anything smaller than 1/2" is okay as long as it's at least 3/4" away from the edge of the tape. You can pop the bubble with a needle then apply pressure to the area to reseal it.

The instructions recommend applying a small bead of Dicor Lap Sealant along the leading edge of the tape that's exposed to the wind when travelling. This makes it look a little messy but Steve's the only one that's ever going to see it. :-)
A friend of ours, Ray recommended this tape on his website Love Your RV and has a video on his roof and slide repair.

While Steve was tackling that job, I cleaned up and puttered around inside, paid a couple of bills (transferring money from our Canadian account to our US account at 1.40 exchange rate...ugh! Oh well, it is better than the 1.48 rate last time I did it). With that out of the way, I started work on our blog...yup, behind again!

Once that was done, I sat outside with my crocheting...ahhh...that's better! Steve joined me after he had finished his work...and we eventually enjoyed a cocktail together. Red joined us for a short visit then it was time to head inside for dinner.

Saturday morning was basically filled with chores. After coffee, exercises, showers and breakfast, Steve headed outside to get started. He went back up on the roof to put some finishing touches on the job he did yesterday. He had to reapply silicone to the exposed molding area now that the Dicor Lap Sealant was somewhat dry.He still has more work to do on the rest of the roof but that will have to wait until another's getting pretty hot during the day to be up there working. Next on his agenda was dumping the tanks and filling the fresh water tank. The repair he did last week on the grey tank gate valve seems to have worked so leaks around the flanges when he opened the valve!

While he was busy with that, I did the dishes and then did some cleaning inside. After lunch, and with the work all done for the day, we sat's so nice having the sunshade up, it makes a big difference. I was crocheting and Steve was reading his book (thanks for the books, Harry) when Pam joined us with her craft project...she's hooking a rug using strips of old t-shirts...very cool.

While sitting there, we had another visitor...Steve's buddy, the roadrunner came by. He certainly wasn't afraid of us...

We sat out there chatting until about 3:15 when we decided it was time to put our 'crafts' away and get ready for happy hour at 4:00. Today's gathering was being hosted by Dino and Lisa...with entertainment provided by Moose (the cat in the cage) and Daisy. Lisa and Dino also have another cat, Journey, but she is much shier than Moose and really isn't into coming outside much. They did have both cats outside in another soft-sided carrier but I forgot to take a picture (I was too busy playing with them...LOL)...
Around the circle left to right, starting with Rick (looking back at the camera), Barb, Lisa, Dino, Jim, Ron, Maria, me, Red, Pam, Harry and Vicki...

At about 6:30, everyone headed home...yup, another great social "activity" out here on the desert!

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