Thursday, February 4, 2016 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

Our day started off in the usual manner...and as usual on exercise day, it was past mid morning by the time we were ready to get on with the day. As Steve got started on dumping the tanks, I was finishing up the dishes and cleaning up inside. He continued with his trips to the sani-dump and I went over to give Pam a hand at creating and downloading a pocket query off to ensure she has all of geocaches on her GPS since we are going out geocaching this afternoon! We weren't successful on her computer, so we went back to our place and used my laptop.

It was shortly after 12 noon by the time Steve was finished his chores...just enough time for a quick bite to eat and then get ready to head out on the quads geocaching with Red and Pam and Jim and Barb...Daisy was sporting her new look. Very cute!
Found one!
All six of us hunted high and low for this luck! Sheesh, I hate being defeated!
Jim, Barb and Daisy...

Another one!
They made us walk quite a ways off the trail to search out this one...
Red and Pam...and Dominic (their elderly Golden was riding in the back)....

A tiny fish-hook barrel cactus...
We worked on the string of caches as far as Magic Footprint. Barb and Jim are looking for the geocache here....
The "footprint"... not sure if it's real or a natural phenomenon...
They found the geocache!

We took the trail back that goes on the other side of the canyon...passing Erdman Mine, Rainbow Acres...and arrived back home at 4:04. Only 4 minutes late for the scheduled happy hour that Jim and Barb were hosting!
Dave, Diane, Lisa, Dino, Jim, Barb, Steve and Rick (Red had Pam had left before I remembered to take a picture!)...

When the sun went down behind the mountain, it got chilly out, so it was time to head in...another great couple of hours socializing with our neighbours!

After dinner, we settled into our chairs to watch TV...and I had the laptop, logging all of the geocaches we found today...we were successful in finding 40, out of the 42 we were on the hunt for.


  1. That Daisy is quite the trend setter! How many goecaches do think are out there? How many have you found this year?

    1. Oh gosh, in our immediate area there are hundreds...possibly over a thousand in a 25 mile radius. We've found about 140 so far this season here and hope to bag more in the next few weeks before we start our trek north....and maybe find more along the way.

  2. It was a great day indeed and ended with happy hour! Does it get any better? The travel maps look great!