Sunday, January 3, 2016 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

We had our usual start to the was another chilly morning but the temps are warming up a bit. By the afternoon, it was up into the high 60's...mind you, the clouds had come in as well.
We had an amazing sunrise this morning...

Sunrise over Jim and Barb's rig...
and Red and Pam's rig...

After exercises, breakfast and showers, Steve went outside to get started on emptying the holding tanks while I cleaned up inside and then went out for a walk. This afternoon we are going with Ray to Castle Dome Mine Museum which is about an hours drive south towards Yuma. Ray and Deb have been there but Ray wanted to go back to take pictures in the afternoon sun and invited Steve and I along.

Steve managed to finish the tanks and fill up the fresh water tank, change, have 12:30, just in time for Ray to pick us up. However, by this time the clouds had rolled in and it wouldn't be good for the picture taking Ray wanted to do. We received a message saying he was going to postpone the trip. Okay, no problem, Ray...another time.

That left the afternoon I worked on our blog and then sat outside reading for a while. Steve visited with our neighbours, went into town with Red and then when he got home, gassed up the generator. Of course, the pump he uses to transfer the gas from the container to the generator decided to stop working. It's such a handy little device and not expensive...guess I'll be ordering another one from Amazon! With rain in the forecast Steve also decided to dust off the truck with his California Duster.

Shortly after 4:00, we gathered over at Red and Pam's for happy hour...and welcomed more RV-Dreamers here into our community. Lee and Trace, fellow full-timers, traveled from Pasadena, California today...their first time to Quartzsite. We also met Mario and Ellen (from Florida) who are staying at Quail Run RV Park in town.
Left to right...Red, Pam, Trace, Steve, Lee (standing), Mario, Ellen, Jim and Barb...(unfortunately, we missed Ray and Deb; they had also joined us but as it cooled down, had already gone by the time we got around to taking a picture).

As usual, we had a great time chatting and then everyone packed it in around 6:30. We had dinner and then hunkered down in front of the TV for the rest of the evening.

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