Monday, January 4 to Thursday, January 7, 2016 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

Well, not much happened on Monday and Tuesday...other than rain, and more rain! Monday was an inside day...we basically hunkered down inside all day. Steve was kept busy going through pictures...he was contacted by RidersWest Magazine who stumbled across our blog and after corresponding with her, and sending her pictures, he is being interviewed next week for a possible article. That's kinda cool!

Tuesday morning when we opened the blinds, we couldn't see a was so foggy! I think it is the first time that I've seen it socked in like this here in the desert!

Red and Pam's rig...

Jim and Barb's rig...
Once the sun was up, it didn't take long for the fog to burn off. There were actually bits of blue sky breaking through the clouds this morning, so I managed to get out for a walk...a bit of exercise was definitely needed after being inside all day yesterday!

Steve took a letter over to the BLM manager requesting the use of La Posa South's Picnic Shelter for another RV-Dreamer's mini reunion like we had last year. With the gathering set for right after the RV Show, we are hoping that there will still be plenty of Dreamers here and able to attend.

Ray and Deb had to take their motorhome into Discount Solar to have their system checked and since I wanted to try out a new recipe for dinner, we invited them over. We enjoyed another we listened to the rain and the wind outside!

Wednesday morning we woke up to clear sky...awesome! Glad to have it back. We were having our morning coffee, when Pam messaged me asking if I was interested in going to a line-dancing class at the QIA. Oh really wasn't "my thing" but I said "sure", more because I wanted to get out and do something different. She also had laundry to do...great, so do I!

So just before 9:30, she picked me and my laundry up and we headed into town. We swung by Quail Run RV Park and picked up Ellen and landed at the QIA shortly before 10:00, in time for the class. Not one who likes to make a complete fool out of herself, I was somewhat apprehensive about what to expect...but I had a blast! Well, actually, it was a lot of concentration but also a lot of fun! Although it was a two hour class, we decided to leave at the one-hour break...that was enough for today, besides we had laundry to do.

While I was gone, Steve got a visit from fellow RV-Dreamers, Dave and Diane who are also staying at Quail Run RV Park. They all eventually ended up by Lee and Trace's...Lee was flying his drone and taking pictures of all our rigs.

I "stole" a drone picture from Lee. Thanks, Lee, it's a great aerial picture of our little community! Steve has identified each rig...but you'll definitely need to enlarge the picture for a better view (just click on it). The names in red are RV-Dreamers and the white, the rest of our community here...

It was around 1:00 when we got back home...some clouds had started to roll in and the wind had really picked up. Sure not liking the weather we're having so far this winter down here! I hung a few things that weren't quite dry out on the line and had a hellava time keeping some jeans pegged because the wind was blowing so hard...sheesh!

After a bite to eat, the bed made up and laundry put away, it was time to relax for a bit until happy hour. Tonight it was over at Lee and Trace's place. We've also had another couple of RV-Dreamers arrive...Allen and Donna, who we first met in September 2012 at the RV-Dreams Rally in Oregon, and Steve and Debbie, RV-Dreamers that we had heard a lot about but had never met.  They arrived in the rain late yesterday afternoon. With more scheduled to arrive, we are really going to have quite a gathering here!

Steve ended up bringing the truck over for a windbreak. Lee even got a real wood fire going!!
I'll start with the folks standing first...from the left, Mario, Allen, Red (well, his back), Dave, Steve (McCormack) and that's Debbie and Jim over on the other side.  Now for those sitting...from left, Ellen, Lee, Trace, Diane, Pam, Donna, me and Barb.

As usual, we had a wonderful time chatting with everyone and then called it an evening around 6:30. Time to go home and fire up the heater!

We endured another blustery, rainy night...and it was still raining when we got up Thursday morning. Steve loaded my quad into Earl's truck yesterday...ready to take it in for servicing today. So at 9:00 we all piled into Earl and Allison's truck and headed to Parker.

After dropping the quad off at Parker Yamaha (no idea how long they are going to have it...they'll call in a couple of days), we went to Walmart and then City Food. With the shopping done, it was lunch Stroke's Bar and Grill on Riverside Drive, just north of Parker.

We had a delicious lunch and then headed back south...taking a different route this time. Earl and Allison wanted to pick up some fresh grapefruit at a stand in Blythe, so we took the road along the east side of the Colorado River, through Poston to Ehrenberg.

We arrived home just before 3:00...a great day out with good friends! Thanks Earl and Allison! After putting our groceries away, we relaxed for the rest of the afternoon...and I worked on this blog. Tonight we are just going to stay inside, with the heater running...and the TV on!


  1. I love the pictures in the fog, we did not get any that day.....

    1. Yes, I'm glad Steve managed to get them. It was so eerie looking out!