Saturday, January 2, 2016 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

We had a few chores to take care of this morning, so we headed into town. After filling the propane tanks, the drinking water containers, and a stop at Gamblers for a valve Steve wanted to get for the sewer hose, we were back home.

Our friends, Earl and Allison, are due to arrive this afternoon, so I made a tray of lasagna for dinner. While I was doing that, Steve puttered around in the sunshine outside.

At 4:00 Red, Pam, Jim and Barb came over for happy hour...we had expected Earl and Allison to be here by then but it was about an hour later when they pulled in. They forgot about the time change...losing an hour upon entering Arizona.

Earl and Allison pulled into their spot (across the road), leveled off and unhitched...and then joined us around the Campfire-In-A-Can. Left to right...Earl, Allison, Jim, Barb, Pam, me and Red. And that's Abbey beside Earl...
 Red and Steve...
 And another beautiful sunset...
At about 6:30, everyone headed home...and Allison and Earl came over for dinner. We had a great visit chatting over dinner. So very good to have you back here in Q...we missed you last year!


  1. You are making us look bad with all these happy hour pictures! You make it look like all we do is sit around and drink every night.....oh wait, we do!

    1. No, no....we socialize. It's all about socializing! And we full time RV'ers do it well!LOL

  2. Man are we getting jealous sitting here in Texas itching to get hitched up and head more day and we will be on road and on the way!

  3. Dianne and Steve,
    Hello, my name is Kirsten Armleder and I am a staff writer/editor with RidersWest magazine ( I stumbled across your blog and I see that you are avid ATVers. Would you be interested in telling me a little more about your ATV adventures. I'm always looking for riders to interview. You can email me at work, my address is