Friday and Saturday, January 8 and 9, 2016 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

We woke to clear blue sky this morning...ahhhh...that's more like it! However, it is still breezy and a little chilly with daytime highs hovering around 60F/15C. But as long as that sun is shining, I'm happy!

We really didn't do an awful lot today. After breakfast, Steve filled the fresh water tank while I did dishes and cleaned up inside. After that, I went for a brisk walk and Steve took his quad out to scout spots available for friends (and fellow RV-Dreamers), Harry and Vicky, who are arriving Sunday. He also found Les and Sue who had arrived yesterday...they are in the same spot quite a ways down the road that they were in last year.

Later on in the afternoon, I asked Earl if he would mind coming over and show me how he downloads the geocaches to his Montana GPS (same as mine). I also wanted a lesson in the file structure so I would feel a little more confident in deleting old files. After that, he even had a look at Steve's GPS...his is not as "geocaching friendly" and with a much smaller screen, is not nearly as nice as mine. I think a new Montana GPS is in his future! Thanks so much for your help, Earl...very much appreciated!

After Earl left, we headed out to visit our other neighbours to confirm plans for our trip to the Desert Bar tomorrow. Jim and Barb are in...we will be going with them (thanks guys!) as are Steve and Debbie...who will be picking up Mario and Ellen. Lee and Tracy and Red and Pam are going to go another there will be the eight of us on our little outing tomorrow.

As the sun went down, Lee and Trace got a campfire we gathered around it with them, Red, Pam, Steve, Debbie, Jim and Barb. We "socialized" with them until shortly after 7:00 and then called it an evening and went home for dinner.

Saturday morning, we had clear blue sky again...but no wind today! A perfect day to go to the Desert Bar! So at 10:20 we headed over to Jim and Barb's...stopping on the way to say good morning to Red and Pam.

After stopping to fuel up, we "met up" with Steve, Debbie, Mario and Steve/Debbie's truck and we had our little convoy heading north. We arrived at the bar shortly before noon. The 5 mile gravel road in seemed to be in better shape this year although still rough in spots. Tables on the main level near the band...and in the sun...were all taken, so we settled on a table in the shade.
However after sitting there for a few minutes we eyed some empty tables up above the band on the cliff and they were in the up we went. Left to right...Jim, Ellen, Debbie, Mario, Steve, Barb and me...

Lunchtime! Burgers for Barb and Steve, chicken strips and chips for Jim...and chicken fajita wrap for me...all were delicious!
Steve took a hike up to the top of the mountain...that's us waving down there...

See the white tank and vehicles through the arch in the rock?
That shack in the centre of the photo is the original Desert Bar. This year it's been renovated for costume photos for a fee of course. You select your costume at the trailer to the right...
 Great views! The road in is on the left and a 4 wheeler trail on the right...
Then it was my turn...I followed Barb and Debbie up the mountainside behind us and took this picture looking down. Everyone's waving again! Yes, that's smoke from burgers cooking down below where we were least the slight breeze was blowing the smoke away from us (for the most part)...
There's Debbie and Barb way up there. I walked down from there to get the above picture.
There was a great band playing...

View from the bridge..
Lots of old vehicles on display...

After a great couple of hours, enjoying food, beer and wonderful company, it was time to head home. What a perfect day! Thanks for the lift, Jim and Barb!


  1. Looks like a fun day!!!.. Great chatting with you this afternoon..a 'virtual happy hour minus the wine!!

  2. What a blast we had today! Thanks for taking us!! Really impressive place!