Friday and Saturday, February 20 and 21, 2015 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

We woke to a light cloud covering this morning and it remained that way all much for the forecast of partly cloudy. But it was still a warm one...with the temperature rising to 80F.

It was going on 11:00 by the time we were ready to get out on our quads and do some geocaching. We were nearing the start of the string that we were going after when Steve realized that he didn't have them on his GPS. I thought I had downloaded them to both of our GPS's but quite frankly, I'd been messing around with my GPS so much trying to get the downloads to work properly that I obviously didn't download them onto Steve's. In my own defense, though, I did suggest that he check his GPS before we headed out. (Steve here...didn't hear this.)

So we just had my GPS to use in finding the geocaches. We got started and did about 14 or so before we decided that it was just too hot...we'd much rather just ride. We'll have to finish the string up in a couple of days.

I know there's a geocache around here somewhere!
Can you see me way over there to the right of the Ocotillo?
The Ocotillo are really starting to green up and bloom...

This geocache hide was pretty's tie-wrapped to a piece of old tire and just laying as scrap on the ground...

After we finished our geocaching, we rode to this stone cabin near Dome Rock and ate our lunch...

Lots of colourful rocks used in it's construction...

As well as tin cans...

Dome Rock BLM and I-10 in the background...
Not sure if this is a real grave site...
Not many rigs left at Dome Rock BLM...
Lets go...I'm hot!
I led us home for the first time...ever!
Another geocache...

We got home at about 2:00...time to change into shorts and relax in the shade for the rest of the afternoon. And as the sun went down...another beautiful Arizona sunset!

We had a little more sunshine Saturday but it was also "breezy", as the National Weather Service called it. We had our usual coffee start and then got our butts in was exercise day. With that over with for a couple of days, we had breakfast, showered and did the dishes. We were finally ready to head out to Ehrenberg...about 18 miles west on the I-10. The diesel prices are rising again, so we thought we'd drive there to fill up. The Texaco station there has the best fuel prices...about 20 cents lower than here in Quarzsite.

We made two stops on our way home...first at Lifestyles RV so Steve could pick up the Oxygenics shower head that seems to be all the rage with RVer's. Our second stop was at the vendors along Kuehn Road so I could get a new flag for the whip on my quad.

With all of the errands done, we headed home and after a quick bite to eat, Steve hitched the "poop-mobile" up to the quad and headed over to fill the fresh water last fill before packing it up in preparation for leaving on Wednesday. While he was doing that, I prepared dinner so that I would just have to pop it into the oven. We are having guests over for dinner tonight.

Doug and Toni arrived shortly after 4:00. They are the managers of the campground that we will be working at this, yes, I guess they will be our new "bosses"! We enjoyed chatting the back of the trailer, not for shade this time but using the trailer as a windbreak.
Then we headed inside for dinner...

Toni brought was delicious, thanks Toni!

It was after 7:30 when, after hugs and handshakes, they headed off. They are staying north of Quartzsite at the Plomosa Road BLM camping area. We're so glad we had a chance to connect with them and chat more about work at the park (Monck Provincial Park)...we're actually quite excited about our gig this summer!


  1. And a great summer it will be with great folks on board.

    1. We're looking forward to our very first work camping gig!

  2. Looks like a beautiful park but they only mention trout, no walleyes! When do you guys head back up that way?

    1. I don't think Southwest BC is known for Walleye fishing. Apparently the Columbia River area of BC is very good. We have to be back in Canada March 31st and start our summer jobs sometime in April.