Sunday and Monday, February 8 and 9, 2015 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

Sunday was another gorgeous day! It doesn't seem that long ago we couldn't go outside without bundling up...and now we are enjoying temps in the mid 80's...nice!

Steve did some maintenance work on the trailer today. He had picked up a vinyl patch repair kit at RV Lifestyles to patch a couple of spots on the slide toppers where the seam edge is starting to tear. Hopefully that does the trick until next year when he will replace them.

I basically spent the day sitting behind the trailer in the shade crocheting. With yarn left over from the project I finished yesterday, I thought that I would use a smaller hook and make a smaller hat...this one for our new grandson due in May. So Conner and his little brother would have matching hats. Well, as I was working on it, I decided to rip out the other hat and re-do it. After all, it was my first try and after looking at it, I decided that my tension was just too loose. I am unraveling...amazing how quickly all that work can be undone!

Monday was another gorgeous day! I was out for a morning power walk in the beautiful sunshine when Steve drove by. He was on his way to Love's Truck Tire Care Center to have new shocks installed on the truck.

Love's Truck Tire Care Tech Marcus...

This photo shows the new drag link arm that was replaced last week and today new Gabriel shocks...

All to correct our front tire "Depression Wear". These tires are almost $900 each to replace!

I was back in my spot in the shade crocheting when he got home (Pam, you created a monster...all I want to do is work on my new hobby!!). We had lunch and then I resumed my position in the shade while Steve took a picture of the valve stems on our trailer wheels. He needed to send it to the fellow at Love's so he could ensure they had the right ones ordered for when we take the trailer in to have the warranty replacement wheels installed.

Steve had just finished putting the cover back on the wheels when Red came over to see if he wanted to go with him to RV Lifestyles. The battery boxes, batteries, and inverter were all in and ready for pickup...perfect! He's anxious to get the electrical work done on his new toy hauler! So off they went.

About an hour or so later, the guys were back. Pam sent a (FB) message inviting me to bring my crocheting over and join her in the shade at their place. And here we are sitting crocheting while the guys discuss the electrical install with our neighbour Brian, who will be doing the work...

The four of us sat chatting and enjoying a cocktail until the sun went down behind the mountains and then we headed home...ah...the end to another great day in the desert!


  1. Where the rubber meets the road..just an important 'little' item that costs a ton of money!..hope the new shocks will alleviate the problem!..
    happy crocheting!.. I have been known to rip out a few rows or two or three ..oh heck a whole darn project..if I make a knitting mistake!