Saturday, February 7, 2015 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

We woke to another gorgeous day...clear blue sky, lots of's going to be another warm one today!

We had had our coffee, done our resistance exercises, showered, had a quick breakfast, done dishes and were over at Red and Pam's by 10:00! This morning Red and Steve are dropping Pam and I off at the Craft Fair at QIA (Quartzsite Improvement Association)...the fair is held the first Saturday of every month...and they are going to the RC airfield.

A Japanese Zero...

About an hour and a half later, Pam and I had just finished wandering through all of the booths when Steve called...good timing! They picked us up and we went to Jim Colwell's place.  Jim is very active in the Quartzsite RC community...the RC airfield is actually named after him. He has a huge building full of RC planes, memorabilia, as well as a big workshop for repairing planes. Jim's place is also used as the Quartzsite Desert Flyers Club House and members are allowed to use his workshop. Jim served in the military as a crew member on air tankers. He and his wife (I believe her name is Ethel) live in Idaho and winter down here. Jim wasn't home but Ethel kindly opened up the barn so that Steve and I could see it...Red and Pam had been here yesterday.

Wind vanes...
This place is like a museum...

Storage area upstairs...
Look at all those fuselages...

There is even a big quilting room for Ethel...and her friends...

We were back home shortly after noon. We had lunch and then I settled in with my crocheting while Steve decided to get his kite out. The afternoon breeze seemed perfect while he was assembling his kite however soon became a little fickle...blowing quite nicely and then dropping off suddenly leaving the kite to crash to the ground. One can only run so fast backwards, you know!

Just before 3:00, Red decided he'd like to take his RC plane to the airfield and try it out...of course, Steve went along with him...

Red did very well getting used to his new plane...
The last,  "nice landing"...

Red was coming in nice and slow against the wind when it suddenly died down stalling the plane then crashing it to the ground. The damage was minimal...Red just has to glue the engine firewall back into place. Steve promised not to take any pictures of him crashing his plane :-)

I had just finished my crochet project when Steve got home. I had to rip out the brim and re-do it because I had somehow managed to do it backwards (LOL)...but here is my finished project, a hat for our grandson, looks big enough that it should fit him next winter!

We had a relaxing happy hour watching the sun go down and discussing our travel plans...we're getting down to the last 6 weeks of our time "down south"'s gone so fast and now we are feeling time pressures! We have to make another trip to Los Algodones because Steve has yet another tooth that needs repair! So now we will head to Yuma sometime in the last week of February, delaying our visit back to Blythe. There is also an air show in Yuma on the 28th that Steve wants to go to. After that we will visit our friends in Blythe one final time before we start our trek north.


  1. Wow!! what a great shop for the group to use for planes. Steve was probably like a kid in a candy store. maybe he could talk them into dedicating a corner just for kites.
    And nice hat by the way!!!

    1. Ha...Ha...Ha...Dave! Just you remember when it's too windy to fly your "TOY" I'll be flying mine :-)

  2. Wow, what an incredible collection of RC planes! Bummer about Steve's tooth but at least you discovered it before heading north.

    1. Yes, very true...I hope it's just a filling he needs and not another crown!

  3. nice job on the crocheting! love the colours!
    hard to believe that there is only six weeks left till you begin the trek north..soon we will be together again!

    1. Thanks, Sue! Would you believe I ripped it all out yesterday?! Yup...the tension wasn't right so I decided to re-do it! Something to keep me busy LOL!

      Yes, time is flying! We'll see you soon!