Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, February 17, 18 and 19, 2015 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

Tuesday morning Brian (our neighbor and RV electrical guy) came over at about 10:30 to do the re-wiring from our inverter to the electrical panel. A few weeks ago when the wires on our inverter fried he had to add a junction box in order to add enough replacement wire to get us back up and running. He had also added another junction box when he installed the sub panel. Brian wasn't comfortable with that setup so recommended that Steve pickup 32' of wire and he would throw in his labour for free to do a proper rewire. Sweet...thanks Brian!

I cleaned up inside and worked on our blog. A couple of hours later Brian was finished. We had a light lunch and then Steve went to work emptying the holding tanks and filling the fresh water tank. This will be our last dump since we are leaving next Wednesday and can stop on our way out. It's hard to believe we have been here for over 2 months...the winter is just flying by!

I spent the afternoon reading and once Steve finished, he joined me. Red, Pam and the "kids" came over and joined us for the last happy hour with us here in Quartzsite...they are leaving tomorrow morning to spend a couple of nights at an RV park nearby. They want to check their newly installed electrical system while hooked up to shore-power before leaving the area. Their Progressive Industries Voltage and Surge Protector had detected a lack of ground from Red's portable generators when they were replicating shore power. This caused an error message on their ProSine DisplayPanel indicating an open ground...the generators are not grounded. Brian is going to go with them in the morning to test everything when they hookup to make sure that there are no error messages..

After dinner, we joined 10 others at the campfire next door at Brian's place. He has huge fires....

Wednesday morning, after our usual start to the day, I defrosted the refrigerator freezer...as a matter of fact, I had that done and the kitchen all cleaned up...and it was barely 10:00! When Pam and Red were all ready to head off, we walked over to say goodbye to them...we'll see them in a week or so in Yuma. We are all going to Los Algadones and the Yuma Air Show.

It was going on 11:00 when we headed off to Parker to do our usual stock up of groceries. But before shopping, we thought we'd treat ourselves to lunch out...we don't do that very often anymore! We had been wanting to find a spot on the river but we chose a bar and grill called Stroke's Steakhouse...it had very good reviews. This is the start of the golf course as we turned off the highway....

Well, it turned out that we had been to Stroke's before...on our first trip to Arizona back in March 2011.

We ordered a Prime Rib Dip and a Philly' Cheese Steak and split them...both were excellent! We highly recommend this spot if you are ever in the area.

We had just finished eating and were about to pay our bill when Ray and Deb walked in...what a surprise! They had been driving by and noticed our truck parked out front. They are currently at Cibola National Wildlife Refuge and were out on a drive taking in the Parker Dam.
They had already eaten lunch so were just stopping to say hi...so after a quick visit with them (and Freya), they continued on their drive and we headed back towards Parker, taking the scenic route along the Colorado River. That's California on the other side...

We made our usual shopping stops at Walmart and Safeway and then headed back to Quartzsite. After a stop at Love's Truck Tire Center, we arrived home just before 4:30...time to get all the groceries put away so we can relax in the late afternoon sun with a cool bevie!

After dinner, I went to work on my GPS trying to figure out why none of the geocache descriptions, hints and logs would come up. I thought perhaps there was not enough memory left on it. So after mentioning it to Bob (at the campfire last night), I learned that I should be deleting the old pocket queries (a program on geocaching.com that captures all of the geocaches in your specified area for downloading to your GPS)...hmmm...didn't know that, but it definitely makes sense...duh! After doing that, along with a bunch of other "clean up" on the GPS, I was still having the same problem. I finally determined that it was the program that I use to transfer the data from the laptop to the GPS...apparently there was a newer version of "EasyGPS" and once I installed it, all was good with the transfer...whew! At least I seem to have enough savvy to logically think through some of these issues...it may take awhile, but eventually....LOL!

With that ordeal taken care of, I was able to put my full attention to the evening's TV programs...a couple of my favs were on tonight; Stalker and then the final (2 hour) episode of The Mentalist.

Thursday was a work day...with our time here quickly coming to an end, Steve wanted to do a little maintenance on the trailer.
So after showers and breakfast, he headed outside to get started on his project for today...put a treatment on the slide seals. It took Steve about 3 hours to clean then treat all the rubber seals which were filthy.

While he was outside doing that, I was inside cleaning...dishes, vacuuming, dusting. After that, I did some banking (it was time to transfer funds into our US account...ugh...the money lost with the current exchange rate is brutal) and then worked on the blog.

We were finished our work and relaxing in the shade behind the trailer when Bob came down to Art's place to take a look at one of the quads.
I guess the shocks are shot, so they hoisted the front end up to take a look. After some difficulty getting the shock off it was decided that this was a much bigger job than expected this late in the day. The front racks and plastics have to come off in order to get the shock off so Bob bolted the bottom of the old shock back on so that it can still be ridden. His grand kids are arriving for a few days so he'll tackle this after they leave.

It had been another warm day here...84F/29C...so we started our happy hour in the shade behind the trailer enjoying the view of the wash.
Lots of blue sky with wind blown jet contrails.

After dinner, we settled in as usual...for an evening of watching our favorite TV shows...including the end of another era...Two and a Half Men...an interesting end to a show that was, in our opinion, really getting quite bad after Charlie Sheen left.


  1. Figure out your GPS? Now send us the co-ordinates so we can find you tomorrow.

  2. Wow, that two months flew by! The had the same ground issue with my portable generator but researched in on RV Dreams and found a fix to fool it so it would work.

    Safe travels and have fun at the air show!