Sunday, February 22, 2015 (La Posa South LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ)

The wind kept waking us up throughout the wasn't the super strong trailer rocking wind, but strong enough to flap the slide toppers and keep the flags flapping. And it was very "breezy" all day with gusts to 30 mph. But it didn't stop us from our plans for today...we are taking our quads out for the last time here in Q and going geocaching.

But before we could head out, we had a few chores to take care it was going on 11:00 by the time we hit the trails. We headed towards Rainbow Acres to pick up where we left off on the string of geocaches that we had started on Friday.
Backside of Dome Rock...

This geocache, called Dome View, wasn't part of the "Old West Outlaws" string we were doing but happened to be along the way. We found it, Earl and Allison!
Lunch time!
There were lots of Prospectors along the wash ...

More prospectors...I'm also in the picture...there's a geocache hidden in that tree (centre right)...

We not only finished the "Old West Outlaws" string but also managed to pick up the "Silverheels" series (both strings put out by Bob and Sue). Now it was time to head home...

We came across the remnants of another stone cabin...time for a water break...

It was going on 4:00 when we got home...52 geocaches! I think that's a record for us in one day! The weather had been perfect...not too hot and the wind helped with the dust. After putting our stuff away, we relaxed inside out of the wind.

We had a great chat with Chris and Angela via Skype...they are both doing well and Chris is really enjoying his new job with Microsoft's Black Tusk Studios in Vancouver. It was so good catching up with them! Unfortunately, we missed a call from Rob, Angie and Conner last night and they are out tonight, so hopefully we'll be able to connect with them next weekend!

The sky had some rather ominous looking clouds developing but they made for a spectacular sunset...

See the Hummingbird on the right...

Wow! Beautiful!


  1. And then it rained, and rained, and rained.

  2. Steve and Dianne,

    Have a safe trip heading back north. It was great to meet up with y'all along with Red and Pam while hanging at La Posa South. We are currently in Ft. Stockton, Texas freezing our toes off.....29 degrees right now with freezing rain and 25 mph howling winds.....
    We should have stayed in the desert!
    But there is hope as we get further east calling for 70's by the weekend....
    Stay well,



    1. We look forward to seeing you guys back in Q next season...with your home made quad! 😜
      Safe travels!

  3. One thing we missed most about not getting to Arizona this winter was the fabulous sunsets. I never get tired of them. Here at home we have mountains close on the west so we rarely get good sunsets.

    1. Well we sure missed sharing those sunsets with you guys!
      Next year.....

  4. Steve and Dianne, I came across your blog while searching for images to use in my postings about the BLM's La Posa Travel Management Plan. I am the Public Lands Department Manager for the BlueRibbon Coalition and would like permission to use one of your photos in our Facebook posting. Our organization fights to keep trails open for OHVs. To see how I would use your images visit you can email me at I look forward to hearing from you.
    Ric Foster