Friday, June 20, 2014 (Travel to Coldspring Campgound, E.C. Manning Provincial Park, BC)

We're back!! It's now July 9 and we have had no internet service since leaving Sunshine Valley June 20...boy, do I have a lot of catching up to do!!  Here we go....

We woke in the wee hours of the morning to heavy rain and wind rocking the, it was quite a storm! Snuggling down deeper under the covers, we hoped that the storm would pass through before it was time to pack up later this morning.

When we got up, it was still cloudy but at least the heavy rain and wind had passed. Since we only had about a 40 minute drive today and check-out time wasn't until noon, there was no need to rush. So we had our usual 'coffee' start to the day, did our exercises, showered, and had a bacon and egg breakfast.

It was 8 minutes before noon when we pulled out of our site at Sunshine Valley RV Resort and headed east on Hwy 3.

Shortly after 12:30, we pulled into Coldspring Campground. Since we were arriving on a Friday for the weekend and due to the teachers strike we had no idea how busy it would be so we had made reservations...probably didn't need to but you never know and with our size, I like to check out (on-line) the site size and ensure we have one long enough to accommodate us. After stopping at the entrance to take a look at the campground map, we continued on to site C15. Now this is a typical case where the size of the site is huge...90'...BUT the access backing into it is a challenge. I didn't think we were going to manage it. The road within the campground was okay for driving through the park but it had a drop off on both sides so Steve didn't have the maneuverability backing in, having to ensure the front right wheel of the truck didn't "fall off" the road. After three attempts he managed...way to go honey! If the campground "makers" would just angle all sites properly (say 45 degrees), then access for everyone would be a snap! 
Here is a picture of our tire marks on the sloping drop off. The picture doesn't really show it that well  ...but you can tell it took a little finessing to get backed into our site...

The site itself, although not backing onto the creek, is great. There are no hook-ups but it is open allowing for good solar as well as satellite. The fee is $21/night but since we reserved, there was an extra $6.00 reservation fee (plus GST) per night...rather exorbitant, but "it is what it is" and the price you pay to ensure you have a site. 
The campground also has a number of first come-first serve sites. Yet again, the downside is that there is no cell or MiFi signal in this area...since leaving Fort Langley, we have not yet camped in an area with cell/internet service!

After getting all set up, we had a light lunch and then headed out for a walk around the campground. Steve took a pen and notebook with him...we thought we would start a diary of the campgrounds we visit, document sites that would be accessible for us should be return.

There is one arm of the campground that only has a small turnaround area at the end...we would not be able to managed it. Most of the sites are too small for us and are heavily treed...but are along the creek and nice for small units. At the end of road is the trailhead for Canyon Nature Trail...we'll be hiking that tomorrow.

We documented a number of sites that would work for us but for the most part this really isn't a desirable campground because it is right beside the highway...mind you, it is not a busy freeway so while fairly busy during the day, the traffic drops off at night.

It was going on 4:00 by the time we returned to our site. The sun had broken through the clouds and we were able to sit outside for happy hour.

About an hour and a half later, a big cloud covered the sun so we decided to head inside. After dinner we settled in for an evening of TV before heading  to bed. I put an extra blanket on the bed...I think it's going to be a cold night up here in the mountains!

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