Saturday, July 19 to Monday, July 21,2014 (Paska Lake Recreation Site, Logan Lake, BC)

We woke to a cloudy sky this morning and there had been more rain during the night. But it wasn't as windy...nor was it as chilly as it had been the last couple of mornings.

Well, that nice calm lake didn't last long...the wind came up again and that was pretty much the order of the day. But it did break the clouds up and we had some blue sky coming through.

Our day was spent reading and chatting with Ray and Deb. It was too windy for the guys to get out fishing. Ray and Deb are leaving tomorrow so they puttered around slowly packing up their outside stuff.

We gathered in our site using the trailer as a wind break for happy hour. Then we went inside for dinner...I had made Lasagna and Caesar salad for dinner. Afterwards Steve put on the Eagles DVD Farewell Tour 1 and we chatted a bit while watching it. It wasn't too long, though, before Ray and Deb headed home. We watched the rest of the DVD...I love it! and then headed to bed..

Sunday was another cool day today with the temperatures barely reaching 18C...quite a change from the 35+ that we were experiencing less than a week ago! Mind you, we are also quite high here...about 5200 feet, the lodge down the road is called "Mile High".

After hugs and handshakes, we said goodbye to Ray and Deb shortly after 10:30. It's been a fun few days catching up with you...if we don't connect with you before, we'll see you back in Fort Langley in the fall!

With Deb and Ray leaving, we decided to move into their site. Of course the front jacks gave out before the front end was up high enough. However, by stacking up two big rounds of firewood and using the 6-ton bottle jack that Ray and Deb left for us, we managed to get it up....Steve raising the bottle jack, while I extended the jacks.

It was just past noon by the time we were all re-set up in our new, big corner site. We sat and relaxed in the sun (while it was out)

Later we went out for a walk around the campground. It certainly has cleared out...only one other couple remain here with us. Surprising considering it's the middle of summer! The trailer on the right hand side of the picture is the camp host site. They haven't stayed here since we have been here...I understand they live only a short distance away. Later in the afternoon, one more camper joined us in the campground.

We had visitors outside our window...

That was pretty much our day...I read a lot and Steve puttered around with his fishing gear. After dinner, he went out in his tube for a little fishing. He was out for about an hour, and had a couple of hits and lost a couple...he even caught a little one as he was reeling in his line at shore.

We didn't do much Monday...I basically sat outside reading for most of the day. Mid morning Steve went out in his tube for a little fishing....

Then he did a little reading and relaxing....

After lunch Steve went for a walk to look for a quad trail that went from the campground along the lake...but he didn't find it. He did find a trail to the one room cabin next door... 

And, again, that was pretty much it. Tomorrow we plan on driving into Logan Lake for propane and water...and taking advantage of an internet connection!

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