Thursday, July 17, 2014 (Paska Lake Recreation Site, Logan Lake, BC)

The temperatures today were much  lower than they have been over the past week with the highs reaching about 26C...much more tolerable than the mid to high 30's they had been. The air was still quite thick with smoke, with around 155 wildfires burning throughout the province.

After our usual start to the day, we had breakfast and showers and then Steve went outside to start working on his fishing gear. Ray came over and they discussed what flies worked best on the lake...Ray learned a lot from an avid fisherman who has been coming here for years. Instead of off-loading the boat, Steve decided to pull out his chest waders and float tube.

A little later, we decided to go for a walk around the campground and take a few pictures...

There we are...way down there...that is Ray and Deb's motorcoach beside us...

Here we 12...

Thank goodness there were some rounds of wood to use so that we could put the back stabilizers down...

We sat relaxing in the shade overlooking the lake, chatting with Deb and Ray and then just before 2:00 Steve and Ray decided it was time to head out on the water in their fishing tubes. The tricky part is getting into the float tube without falling in with these flippers on...
 Did it!
Okay Ray...where too
Sounds good!

Ray has a "Happy Scrapper" !

There's an old cabin next to the campground...
Steve took a selfie!

About an hour later Ray was back...he had caught a two fish as well as had a number of hits. Steve hadn't been quite so lucky he persevered for another half hour or so before coming in. He said he had had a few hits but it was pretty slow for him. They plan on going back out later this evening after dinner.

Steve and I cooked dinner tonight and Deb served desert....and then the guys were in a hurry to get back out was 8:00 already! 

Fishing was much better for Steve tonight...5 and 3 for Ray and both had lots of bites. Ray was back in shortly after 9:00 but Steve stayed out for another half hour.

It certainly had cooled down a lot tonight...both Deb and I had bundled up in our sweats before sitting out in our chairs to resume our reading. It would have been nice to warm up around a campfire but a campfire ban came into effect yesterday...understandable due to all of the wildfires burning in the province.

It was about 9:40, Steve had just come in off the lake...and without a campfire to warm up by, we all decided to call it a night and retreat inside. Tomorrow Ray and Deb are going to take us out on a tour of the lakes/campgrounds that they have discovered in the area...looking forward to it!

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