Thursday, June 19, 2014 (Sunshine Valley RV Resort, Hope, BC)

We were up bright and early this morning and after our usual start to the day, we got our butts in gear and were ready to head out shortly after 9:30. The weather is still "iffy" so we thought it best to get out to do our sightseeing early.

Today we are going to see the Othello Tunnels in Coquihalla Canyon Provincial Park. We found out about the tunnels from our new friends Ray and Deb that we met last month at Fort Camping. They posted pictures of their visit on their blog (Chasing the 70's) and it looked interesting. Thanks guys! We headed back towards Hope and took the exit to Hwy 5, the Coquihalla Highway. Yesterday I said that Sunshine Valley RV Resort is about 14 kms east of Hope...well, it's closer to 22 kms. It's 14 kms from the turnoff to the Coquihalla.

Our drive to Coquihalla Canyon Provincial Park took about 20 minutes. We took the Othello Road exit off the highway...

We headed out on the trail to the tunnels. The information signs have a plexi-glass cover over them making it difficult to take a picture without your reflection and a lot of glare...(remember to click on any picture to enlarge...if interested, you should be able to read the signs)

The sign says that it is approximately 1.4 kms from the parking lot to the end of the last tunnel...

Wow...what a gorgeous little spot! We really enjoyed our visit to the Othello Tunnels! Once we got back to the truck, I fired up my laptop to do a little banking since we actually had a signal on the MiFi hotspot. That only took a few minutes and then we were on our way back towards Sunshine Valley.

We stopped at the view point for the Hope Slide..

It was shortly after 12 noon when we got home. We had lunch and then it was time to get to work...since we are at this lovely RV park, I'd better take advantage of the laundry facilities. Steve helped me lug two bags down and then left me "to it". They really have a nice laundry room...16 washers and 8 huge dryers...all in excellent condition. About an hour and a half later, Steve was back to help lug the bags back to the was 2:30 by this time.

After all the clean laundry was put away and the bed made up with clean sheets, we both donned our bathing suits and headed to the indoor pool and hot tub. We spent about 45 minutes alternating between the pool and hot tub...very nice!

Back home, we discussed and researched our travel plans between the ATV/BC events we are attending over the next month or so...just trying to get a rough plan in place!

Tomorrow we have another tough travel day ahead of us...all of about 45 minutes! We're spending a couple of nights at E.C. Manning Provincial Park.


  1. Sounds like you are travelling about as far a day as we are! It is lovely having short driving days and ready for happy hours early!

  2. Great way to travel...don't want to rush things;o)) Love that Tunnel Trail!!!