Wednesday, February 27, 2013 (Cape Blanco State Park, Port Orford, OR)

Three years ago today we moved into our new home "on wheels", we hadn't retired was just one step closer in our plan. We wanted to move in, get organized and get used to it before we hit the road in our new lifestyle.  We still had 4 months to go before we retired...I can still remember our first day going to work from our fifth-wheel...there was something inherently wrong with going to work from your RV!

With a forecast of rain and wind coming in later this afternoon and tomorrow, we wanted to get out for a hike and explore the area. So at about 10:00 we headed out. We took the road towards the beach and then caught the Coastal Trail that went towards the Lighthouse. Holy cats! Is it ever cold in the wind! Today's high of 47F/8C felt more like 27F/3C and of course we aren't used to the high humidity that chills you to the bone.

Cape Blanco Lighthouse, towering above the westernmost point in Oregon, is the oldest standing lighthouse on the Oregon coast.  It's clifftop location is 245 feet above the ocean.  It was commissioned in 1870 to aid shipping generated by the gold mining and the lumber industry.

Stunning views along the way...

Views from the lighthouse...

Time to head back down the hill from the lighthouse and find the continuation of the coastal trail.

Yup, it's windy out!

The trailed followed the coastline...Steve took more awesome pictures...

The trail then went inland a bit into the forest with lookouts along the wind and much warmer.

I found a geocache!

The trail went down...down...towards the Sixes River...

We were looking for the Historic Hughes House...and we think we were heading in the right direction but with the threat of rain we decided to take another trail that led back up the hillside.  If we get a chance, we'll have to drive to Hughes House, a home constructed in 1898 for the pioneer dairy farmer.

This is the mouth of the Sixes River...

It ended up not really being a trail and we found ourselves walking through a gated pasture.  We found the road though, after climbing over a locked gate, we found ourselves at the entrance to the cemetery...

I tracked down another geocache as Steve wandered around the graveyard looking at the headstones.

By this time, the clouds were getting much thicker and darker, so we figured we'd better hi-tail it back to the fifth-wheel. We walked back along the road and then took the gravel road through the horse-camp that led to the campground.  As we neared the campground, we saw four deer in a field...

Three hours, 5.35 miles/8.5 km and 3 geocaches later we were back home...another great hike! It wasn't long before we started hearing the pitter-patter of rain on the roof...good timing! So we hunkered down inside while the rain increased along with the was pretty blustery out there.


  1. I've been following your blog for a few weeks now, love it. Just had to comment on going to work from your 5th wheel.....I lived in a 5th wheel for six years while working full time shortly after my divorce. It was home, and I loved it! Decided it was better than getting an apartment, and never regretted it. I am retired now, RVing in a motor home with my new wife of two years, and love it even more. Can't wait to hit the road again after we sell our house! Dave

    1. Thanks Dave and congrats on your retirement. It was such a liberating feeling moving from our house to our "new home" and getting rid of all that stuff that we accumulated all our lives.
      There is nothing like being on a full time vacation that just becomes your lifestyle.
      Hopefully your house sells quickly and who knows...we may see you down the road someday.
      Safe travels!

  2. Congrats on your 3 yr anniversary. We are hoping to go full time in the next 12 to 24 mos and really cannot wait. It's so nice that so many of you "out there" share with your blogs. Keeps us motivated to keep up the planning and downsizing because you keep reminding us of how much we have to look forward too. Have a great wkend. Kris

    1. Thanks Kris. We still have to pinch ourselves sometimes. We have seen and done more in the last 32 months than many people will in their entire life time. Good luck with your future plans.