Thursday, February 7, 2013 (Travel to Plomosa Road, Quartzsite, AZ)

We had a nice relaxing start to the other words, our usual start.  After coffee, I made a big breakfast and was just about to start washing the dishes when Steve read the forecast for the area...scattered showers 40% with a chance of snow,  winds 29 mph gusting to 44 mph tomorrow; sounds like a nasty day!  We were scheduled to leave tomorrow, so we figured we could either stay another night or two...or see if we can get a refund for tonight and leave today and just head right to Quartzsite.  The RV-Dreams boondocking rally we are attending doesn't start until Sunday but we figured we would go to the general area where it is going to be.

Our preference would be to just get out of here.  Since we arrived, I know that Steve has been anxious about maneuvering the rig out.  So Steve walked down to the office to see if we could get a refund for problem, they would just credit us through the reservation system.  So...all of sudden it was a pack-up and travel day!

Steve had scoped out an exit plan from our straight out through the two empty sites across the road (thank goodness no one had occupied those sites) and make a sharp turn to the right.  The biggest obstacle is getting around the huge Joshua Trees with the deadly long dagger-like leaves.  It was 11:00 as we put his plan into action and pulled out of our problem...whew!  After a slow rough drive down to the sani-dump, we were heading out of the was 11:40 by this time. We wouldn't camp here again as it's too tight for bigger rigs and the road in for the last few hundred yards is so full of pot holes.

We headed east on CA62 (aka Twentynine Palms Highway) and then took CA177 south towards Desert Center and the I-10 east. The first half of the drive wasn't very scenic but it got a lot better the closer we got to CA177.

This is how they repave in California!  One lane was shut down while they did the work so we had to follow a pilot truck through this stretch of crack sealing.

Beautiful scenery as we neared the mountains...

Once we reached Quartzsite, we filled our fresh water tank, as well as our two extra 5 gallon containers, and then headed north on AZ95 to find Plomosa Road.  It's actually a fairly major road, which surprised us...we thought we would have 3 miles to travel on a dirt road.  We found the area that we figure the rally is going to be (thanks to Linda's directions) and got all set-up.
At least our travel day on Sunday won't be long!  As Steve was setting up outside, he noticed this beautiful sunset...

It was such a mild evening that we decided to get out the Campfire-In-A-Can and sit outside...better take advantage of the warm temps because the forecast is for quite a dip this coming week.

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