Monday, February 11, 2013 (Plomosa Road, Quartzsite, AZ)

I opened the blinds this morning to find cloudy skies out, what a change!  And it wasn't long before we heard the pitter-patter of rain drops...this hadn't been in the forecast...sheesh!  So much for our planned ATV ride today.

Needless to say, there wasn't much going on outside as most people waited inside for the rain to stop.  Not a very good start for the rally, but apparently after today the sun is supposed to come out and stay out with the temps gradually increasing into the 70's/20's by Wednesday or Thursday.

Like most others, we spent the morning inside.  Steve was writing an "about us" article that we could add to our blog.  He did a great job but when I went to add it to our profile, it would only accept 1200 characters...we had way over double that amount.  So I spent time trying to pare it down a bit to fit.  I finally managed to whittle it down but I worked on it for quite awhile.

In the meantime, the sun had finally broken through and Steve had gone outside to sit in the "town circle" with the others as they all came out to enjoy the sunshine.  Once I had finished, I joined everyone in the sunshine.

After dinner, we went out to the campfires that had been lit.  Steve stayed out chatting for awhile, but I headed back inside to the warmth of the trailer...and that was pretty much our day.  We're going to try for our ATV ride tomorrow...along with a little geocaching.

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