Sunday, February 10, 2013 (Plomosa Road, Quartzsite, AZ)

Another beautiful day today...especially since the wind, at least at the start of the day, wasn't blowing.  Steve and I did our exercises as we watched Howard set up the registration/welcome table at the entrance to the camping circle.  After showers and breakfast, Steve went outside to chat  while I worked on our blog.

Our original plan was to hop on the quads and check out some geocaches in the area, but decided instead to hang out to meet the new arrivals. Steve also thought Howard might prefer to use his quad instead of their jeep to escort the new arrivals to their sites. Howard didn't have to be asked twice.

The bulk of rigs were expected in today so we sat in the sunshine with Linda and Howard as rigs gradually started to arrive.  Here is Howard  escorting a rig to their spot in the circle...okay, it's more of an oval.

By late afternoon 27 rigs were in the circle/oval and everyone started making their way to a gathering place in the centre (or center, for our friends in the USA).  Bill Roach wheeled his "wagon of wine" over and opened up 4 bottles of homemade wine for everyone to sample. Thanks, Bill!

Meanwhile, just outside the circle of people, the volunteer cooks, Laura and Ken, were preparing dinner of hot dogs and beans...see my weinie?

The circle is growing...

After hot dogs, beans and chips for dinner, Linda brought out the mic to welcome everyone...and then passed it around for everyone to introduce themselves.

As the sun went down ... became very chilly so two campfires were lit and everyone warmed up and chatted...

A great day and wonderful good re-connecting with friends that we met at the Oregon Rally and meeting new RV-Dreamers.  It's going to be a fun time!

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