Wednesday, February 13, 2013 (Plomosa Road, Quartzsite, AZ)

Another beautiful sunshiny start to the day...we realize that our days of clear blue sky and sunshine are limited because we must start our journey north in another week.  Since we left Canada early last September, our six months south will be up soon...a very, very fast six months!!

After our usual start to the day, Steve took care of some emails and made a few phone offer has been made on his Dad's house and he had to make some arrangements for acceptance of the offer.  With that taken care of, he went to join the group in the "town oval" for today's seminar on Fresh Water and Holding Tank Management.  I joined them a little later.

After the seminar, we thought we would take a drive into Quartzsite.  We needed to pick up some milk and bread and also thought that we would wander around more of the vendors.  On our way we stopped at the refuse station to drop off a couple bags of garbage and after parking off Kuehn Street, we did a little wandering around.
A lot of vendors have closed down for the season. We came across this "motorized" ice cream maker...

We wandered around for about an hour or so and then headed back to the truck.  We stopped at the Roadrunner Market and picked up a few things and after stopping to fill our blue containers with fresh water (along with our one gallon drinking water containers), we were on our way home.

At 3:00 everyone gathered for "Show and Tell"...where anyone can share things that they have found to be helpful in their RV.  Here is Howard sharing some items...

I particularly liked this one...Liza showed a portable wine cooler...

Gina explaining her portable toilet...just in case the holding tank gets full!

Lots of interesting things were shared.   Steve had taken one of his portable weight sets since he has had a lot of questions about what he uses for exercising. Steve explained to our closest neighbours, Jim and Melba, that when our trailer is a squeakin' and a rockin' tomorrow morning for about 40 minutes it's not that he has awesome stamina... we're just exercising. Of course we can now use that as an excuse for the other thing :)  Here is a picture of our living room being transformed into our gym. Steve uses our cooler as a weight bench...the weight plates are colour coded to a weight number and colour on top of the dumbell and weigh 3lbs. each for a total of 24 lbs. per dumbell. He paid $229.00 for the set in 2010 but the cheapest he has found them on the Internet is $149.00 each.

After show an tell was over, we went back to our trailer and changed into shorts and flip flops...we nearly cooked sitting in the direct sunshine but oh, it is so wonderful having the warmth back!  Here I am modelling my new hat...

After dinner, we joined the group out at the campfire for a bit and then called it a night.  Tomorrow, Dennis and Charlene, who we met at Midland LTVA in Blythe, have invited us to join them at a function in Bouse...looking forward to seeing them!

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