Wednesday, August 24, 2011 (Elkford, BC)

Happy Birthday, Steve!  It was a cool morning but the sky was clear and it was going to be a beautiful day.  We had a very relaxing morning...once the sun had come around, I set my chair up outside and read while Steve watched TV.

We had been invited to the barbeque by the river again today...they do this every Sunday and Wednesday meeting around 1:00.  So after securing our folding chairs onto our quads with bungee cords and loading the thermal bag with a couple of beverages into the cargo box, we were on our way.
Just before we reached the river, we came across a couple of fellows who had been fly-fishing on the river.  Steve stopped to ask how fishing was...not great...and then the older fellows who were tired after walking down the river fishing all morning, asked if we’d give them a ride back to their SUV.  It was about a km or so back down the problem, we can do that. One fellow was from Kentucky and the other from San Francisco...they were very appreciative of the ride we gave them.  That was the first time I had had a passenger on my quad.

We joined Gord, Audrey, Denise, Ray, Dave, Ken (visiting from England) and Malakai (a transplanted Fijian) who had a campfire going and were sitting enjoying the sunshine.  Malakai drives his truck out and brings a table along with all the utensils for cooking over the fire.  He cooked hamburgers and hotdogs...supplied by Ray (the butcher for the local grocery store) and Denise had brought all the fixings...sliced tomatoes, lettuce, onion, etc.
Malakai cooking...

It must have been around 3:30 when we decided we had better head back home...we wanted to give our quads a bit of a spray-wash before loading them into the truck plus there was a lot of stuff to get packed up since we were leaving in the morning.
We joined everyone at the pub at about 5:30 where Steve had a birthday beer delivered almost before we sat down. We had a few more beers, enjoyed some wings (the special that night) and our final visit with our new friends.  After thanking them for all their hospitality...along with hugs and handshakes...we all parted a few hours later.
We had had a great time in Elkford...I’m sure our paths will cross again in the future...

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