Monday, August 1, 2011 (Jimsmith Lake Provincial Park, Cranbrook, BC)

Happy BC Day to all our fellow British Columbians! 
We had the ultimate in relaxing days today!  After sleeping in until almost 7am (7:30 for Steve), we had our usual coffee start to what was going to be a beautiful sunny day.  We did our resistance exercises and then before we could do anything more, we had to drive the truck to the water tap and fill up our 2 five-gallon blue water jugs.  We arrived here last Wednesday with virtually no water in our tank.  We had planned on filling up at Moyie Lake Provincial Park where they have a sani-dump and water­-filling facilities but, of course, it was full.  And we drove all the way through the campground without even thinking about filling up with water before we continued on.  Jimsmith Lake, being a much smaller park, does not have a sani-dump.  We have actually done really well...basically only using water from the jugs (for 6 days!)...but I must say, it is quite an inconvenience!  Hmmm...kinda like we are actually "camping"...LOL!
After breakfast and dishes, I spent most of the morning getting the last 2 days of our travel journal (including pictures) posted on our blog while Steve sat out in the sunshine reading.  After I was finished, I joined him...and that was pretty much our day. 
Mind you, around 2:30 Steve changed into his swimsuit and we walked down to the lake.  The campground had pretty well cleared out but the day-use area was packed with lots of people enjoying a day at the beach.  I found a spot on the grass and sat while Steve ventured into the water.  He said it was really quite nice and refreshing...of course, he gave me a bad time for not going in!

Can you see Steve?  He's out there in the water waving his arms...
When we got back, we decided to hitch the trailer up...we have to be at Runners RV Service in Cranbrook at 9:00 tomorrow morning, so the more we get done today, the better since we have to leave so early. 
Late in the afternoon, Steve called his sister and his dad and got caught with them.  Rob and Angie are away right now...and Chris was just heading out so we‘ll call him later...or tomorrow.
After dinner, Steve puttered around outside putting stuff away...while I tried to sit outside and write today’s journal.  I had to give in and go inside...the mosquitoes were really on the attack!
Tomorrow while the trailer is getting serviced, I’m going to get my hair hasn’t been touched since we were in Victoria last it’s long overdue!  While I’m doing that, Steve is hoping to find someplace where he can wash the’s very dirty once is the you can bet there will be rain soon...even if it’s not in the forecast!!  It would be really nice if they washed the trailer after they service it; like they do when you take your car in for servicing...hmmm...probably not, eh?  Well, it wouldn’t hurt to ask...they may do it "for a price"...
After they are all finished with the trailer, we are heading to Fort Steele.  I have made reservations at Fort Steele RV Resort and Campground for a couple of nights.  We may stay longer...we‘ll see...

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