Thursday, August 18, 2011 (Travel to Elkford, BC)

We were up and had had our coffee and breakfast...and were starting to get things packed up but we still hadn`t heard back from John about our picture CD so I finally called him again at 8:30.  He was very apologetic but had been having problems with his computer lately and others, too, had had trouble opening pictures on their CD.  He was having the issues resolved and would be updating his technology to use memory sticks.  He would have to mail the stick to our home in Sidney.  Well, I guess we had no choice but gee it would have been nice if he had mentioned this when we picked up the CD yesterday.

It was shortly after 9:30 when we left the campground and headed to the sani-dump in Fernie.  After emptying the tanks and filling up the fresh water tank, we were on our way to Elkford...only 65 kms away...another short jaunt.  More beautiful countryside...

As we entered Elkford, we decided to stop at the Visitors Centre and we are glad we did...very nice, helpful people.  We were talking to them about ATV`ing in the area and how we had tried to get in touch with the club but hadn`t heard back.  Well, the very nice lady there made some calls and found out that Dave from the Elkford ATV Club had been expecting us and was planning on meeting us at the campground later on in the afternoon.  Sweet! 
We got directions to the Municipal Campground where I had made reservations.  After checking the site that had been reserved for us, we asked Shona (in the office) if by chance there was anything larger available.  She rearranged some bookings and gave us site #20.  It ended up working out better for us.  It was at the end of the row with room for parking the truck at the side.  The campground is nothing special and only has 15 amp power...totally useless for us...but has free showers and firewood and is only $22/night.
We had gotten set up and I was making lunch when Dave Galloway from the Elkford ATV Club stopped by and introduced himself.  We chatted with him for a bit and after making plans for a ride tomorrow he left.  We ate our lunch and then headed off to the District of Elkford Office to purchase licences for our quads.  For $10 each, we will be legal to drive on the streets and trails in town and also be supporting the local club. 

After filling up the gas containers at the gas station, we headed home.  We spent a relaxing evening watching TV...yes, we had no problem picking up a satellite signal.  Unfortunately, though, the cell and internet signals are very very it looks like I’m going to get behind on our travel blog again...oh well....

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