Sunday, August 22, 2011 (Elkford, BC)

It was another cool start to the day and with the furnace not working properly this morning, it was darn cold in the trailer.  It ended up being a problem with the regulator on the propane tank because when Steve switched tanks, it worked fine.  This is something that was supposed to have been fixed when we had the trailer in for servicing at Runners in Cranbrook...sheesh!

After a leisurely start to the day, we did our resistance exercises, had a hearty breakfast and got cleaned up.  Then we thought we would walk across the street to the shopping centre and pick up some milk at the grocery store.  On the way we decided to stop at the office and extend our stay.  We were paid up until tomorrow but knew we were going to stay for at least another couple of days and since we were going for another ride tomorrow, we figured we would go in and pay up today. 
It was turning into another hot, beautiful day as we prepared to head off on our ATV’s.  Shortly after 12:30, we were off to the spot on the river where a group would be gathering to enjoy the sunshine and cook hot dogs and burgers over a campfire.  We found the spot and as we pulled up, we realized that we had forgotten our chairs...damn!  We were greeted by Dave who introduced us to those already there and after chatting for a bit, we decided to ride back and get our chairs.
Back at the riverside again, we sat in the shade enjoying the surroundings...shade got to be a bit of a premium, though, as the sun moved was pretty hot...especially when wearing jeans and boots!  We ate hot dogs grilled over the fire, drank a cold beer followed by a cold bottle of water...and after a couple of hours, thanked everyone, packed up our chairs and headed back to the campground.

We were hot and dusty when we arrived back at the trailer.  After unloading the quads, we both gathered our shampoo, soap and towels and walked down to the shower building.  Ahh...that felt better!
Our next door neighbours, Ed and Eileen, invited us to join them for a drink so once back from the showers, we took our chairs over and chatted with them.  They are from Edmonton and are in Elkford for a same-sex wedding.  Their good friend’s (Verna and Dave, also there) daughter got married yesterday.  Interesting...

It was about 6:00 when we returned home to prepare dinner and Ed and Eileen headed off for left-over food from the wedding.  It was quite hot in the trailer tonight...and cooking pasta didn’t usually cools down quickly once the sun goes down but it was slow tonight.  The door and all windows remained open until 10:00 when we headed for bed to watch TV...we certainly don’t need the extra blanket on the bed tonight!

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