Tuesday, January 25, 2011 (St. George Island State Park, FL)

Well, the order of the day today was rain...rain...and more rain! Needless to say we had a very leisurely day...inside. I spent a good part of the day working on the travel blog. Uploading the pictures on a very sporadic internet signal took absolutely forever! It was a good project for this rainy day. Steve spent his time reading and watching TV.

At about 2:45 we determined that it wasn’t raining anymore so decided to go out for a walk. We took our umbrellas with us...good thing because the break in the showers didn’t last long. We had a good hike along the east slough trail but there were no maps of the trail so we really didn’t know how far or where it went. So about a half hour into our walk we decided to turn around and go back. We returned home a little wet but it had been great getting out for a good walk. We took a few pictures along the way....

We later discovered that the slough is actually an inlet that opens up into Apalachicola Bay. For further information on the park... http://www.floridastateparks.org/stgeorgeisland/default.cfm

The forecast is for sunshine tomorrow so we are looking forward to getting out and exploring the area.

By the way, seven months ago today was our last day of work...amazing!

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