Saturday, January 22, 2011 (Rock Crusher Canyon RV Park, Crystal River, FL)

It was a beautiful sunny day today...but windy and cool. We had our usual slow start to the, coffee...and one more coffee, followed by exercises, showers and breakfast.

Steve called River Safaris & Gulf Charters to make reservations for an airboat ride..."Our most exciting tour! A fast paced and surprisingly different way to see the backwater areas and the Gulf of Mexico". So tomorrow we will be taking an airboat tour...stay tuned for tomorrow’s journal entry for the details!

I stripped the bedding off the bed and gathered all the dirty laundry and headed down to the laundry room while Steve worked on installing the replacement brake module in the truck. He soon had it in and working...Yay!

In between trips back and forth to the laundry room, I was researching State parks in the Panhandle area. We are leaving Monday so I thought I had better figure out where we are headed to. I had it narrowed down to either St. George Island State Park or St. Joseph State Park...both are just east of Panama City and about a 4 to 5 hour drive from here. We have a lot of miles to cover to get back to B.C. by April so we figured it was about time we had a good days drive...rather than the short distances we have been doing lately. After calling both parks to find out if we would be able to fit into their sites, I chose St. George Island. The fellow I spoke to there seemed much more knowledgeable about his park and was very helpful. The fellow at St. Joseph State Park was not particularly helpful and didn’t seem to know much about the park he worked in. So after talking to them, I then had to go on-line and reserve through the ‘ReserveAmerica’ website. We are booked in for 3 nights starting Monday.

While I was doing all this, Steve went to the UPS store to ship the old brake module back to Hensley. We will get a credit back on our Visa card for returning it...and Ron (the rep.) said that he would try to compensate us a bit for the $95 Suncoast RV had charged us for installing the new one and then having to put the old one back in when the new one didn`t work.

Steve also started with the install of the tire monitoring system. After programming the I.D. location for the pressure/temp sensors for the truck numbered 1 thru 6 to the monitor it was time to mount them on the valve stems. And of course the metal valve stems on the front wheels aren`t centered so the sensors don`t fit! Okay then.....we will go to plan B. Steve wants to fill the tires with nitrogen because it helps to extend the life of the tires. Apparently the tires will suffer less pressure loss and changes in pressure from temperature like they do with air. It`s also time to have the tires rotated. That way we can have the valve stems adjusted to fit the pressure sensors. We also have to change the valve stems on the trailer tires to metal from rubber as recommended by the tire pressure monitoring manufacturer.

With all the "work" done for the day, we decided to go for a good power walk around the campground. I took a few more pictures....see what I mean by all the "drainage basins''...

This is one of the hills we have to walk up on our daily's really quite steep....

When we got back we thought we would sit outside in the sunshine but it wasn`t long before we headed inside...the wind was just nasty and cold. The forecast is for temps to dip down to 25F tonight. I think we are going to be in for a cold boat ride tomorrow...guess we`d better get out the long-johns and bundle up!

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