Tuesday, January 11, 2011 (Crystal Lake RV Park, Mims, FL)

Today is a “stay at home” day...and I am looking forward to it! We are moving on tomorrow and I need to get some laundry done. But the main item on the agenda is to find a campground! We are planning on going to the RV Show in Tampa...it starts tomorrow...and any of the campgrounds that look promising are already all booked up. I guess lots of other RV’ers are going to the RV show as well. There are a couple of State Parks that are relatively close but they were fully booked so I have been researching private parks. By late morning, I was getting very exasperated...the only spot that I had been able to find was at a KOA...for $78/night...that’s just ridiculous!
I decided to take a break from the search and go put a couple of loads of laundry on. When I returned to the laptop, I thought I would try another search on the ‘ReserveAmerica’ website...and low and behold, one site had become available at Hillsborough River State Park. The description indicated that it was large enough for us so I immediately booked it....YAY! Whew...I feel better now!

The rest of the afternoon was spent making numerous trips back and forth to the laundry and working on our travel blog...while Steve chose to wash the truck. It warmed up nicely and we were actually out in shorts and sandals.

At one point, Steve called me out because the big Sandhill Cranes had returned. So I grabbed my camera and went to get some pictures. They weren’t afraid of me in the least.

We decide to hook-up the truck this afternoon in preparation for leaving in the morning...that would be one less thing to do and we wanted to get away as early as possible. We had originally planned on getting completed ready by disconnecting everything but decided against it because there are no sewer hook-ups at the State Park so we wanted to go with empty holding tanks.

After all that was done, we decided to sit out and enjoy the late afternoon sun. Well, it really cools down quickly...I had to go put on my sweats. It wasn’t long before Steve went to finish up the truck and put his cleaning stuff away...and I headed back inside.

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