Friday, January 7, 2011 (Crystal Lake RV Park, Mims, Florida)

It was freakin’ cold out this morning when I crawled out of bed just after 7:00 a.m....48 degrees! That’s 8 degrees Celsius and after turning on my laptop, I learned it was the same temperature in Victoria. Luckily it was clear out and the sun soon came around and warmed things up considerably to 64F.

As I mentioned yesterday, we are staying at Crystal Lake RV Park. It is a relatively small park right next to the Interstate 95 Highway. There is highway construction all night long just outside of the campsite so it takes awhile to get to sleep....just our luck. It has no “it” factor but it has large sites and is a convenient spot for exploring the Space Coast area. The owner is very friendly and informative about the area attractions. The price is right too...$18/night plus tax...with Passport America membership. Yay, we finally found an RV park where we could take advantage of our Passport America membership...the blackout period for this park doesn’t start until next month.

Those are orange trees...if you look carefully, you can see the oranges...

Yesterday Steve noticed on the way to the RV Park that the digital display on the trailer brake module in the truck was fading and all of the digits were incomplete but otherwise it seemed to be working okay. He made a Skype call to the manufacturer, Hensley and they agreed to expedite a replacement to Suncoast RV. Apparently our model is no longer made so our options were to take a refurbished model or upgrade to the newer model for $150.00. It doesn’t require any manual adjustments as it automatically adjusts to your truck and trailer so Steve decided on the upgrade. We have our Monday morning appointment for the install of the back ordered parts but decided to change our appointment to Tuesday just in case the module doesn’t arrive in time plus there is more to do here than we thought.

We really didn’t do much today but go and do some major grocery shopping. There is a Super Walmart just down the highway near Titusville so that is where we headed. On the way back we decided to go a different route and see a bit of the area. We took US Highway 1 which goes along the Indian is actually so wide that I thought it was the open Atlantic. A look at the map corrected me.

It was sunny but very windy out so we decided to stay inside. A little dinner...a phone call to friends in Port Orange to firm plans for Sunday...a little TV....and it was bed time. We plan on going to the Kennedy Space Center tomorrow and we understand there is a lot to see. So we plan on getting up and out early tomorrow.

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