Friday, January 14, 2011 (Hillsborough River State Park, Tampa, FL)

Well, I may have gotten up early this morning but there was no way I was planning on rushing anywhere today. Two days in a row is plenty, thank you.

We had our usual slow start to the day and after exercises, showering and a little breakfast, Steve decided it was time to set up the satellite dish. Well, that proved to be an exercise in frustration...for some reason, there was no way he could get a signal. After many failed attempts, he took a break from it and we went for a walk around the campground.

This is the river from a spot behind one of the sites where canoes/kayaks can be put in the water...

Bill and Nancy, fellow RV-Dreamers that we had met at the RV Show yesterday were also staying here at the State Park. We knew that they were in site #82 but as we walked by it did not look like they were home. However, just as we passed, Bill came out of their van followed closely by Nancy. I guess they were working on their blog inside. We stood and had a nice chat with them before we continued on our walk.

When we got back to the trailer, Steve tried the satellite again...still unable to get a signal above 16...sheesh...what’s going on?! I had gone on the website “dishpointer” like I always do and got the coordinates but still nothing. It wasn’t long before he gave up again and we decided to go to the nearest grocery store to pick up a few things. Publix was the closest at about 10 miles and 15 minutes away.

We stopped at the park office on the way back into the park and bought some firewood...$12.84 for 2 bundles. As usual, the bundles were very small...maybe 8 pieces. But it had been awhile since we had had a campfire so we decided to go ahead splurge. I put the groceries away while Steve chopped some kindling. Pretty soon we were sitting by the fire enjoying happy hour.

Well, it didn’t take long to burn 2 bundles of wood...okay, all except 2 pieces...and it was time to get the barbeque going for dinner. After dinner we watched some taped TV shows...with no satellite, at least we have those to watch.

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