Monday, April 1, 2019 (Travel to Oceanside RV Resort, Saanichton, BC)

We were up and pulling out of the casino parking lot early Monday morning...and after a quick stop at Walmart, we were on the I-5 heading north...the final leg of our journey home.

 Skagit River...
We stopped at the Pilot Truck Stop in Ferndale and filled up with diesel...something we always do on our way north and south each year.

The Pacific border crossing showed a minimal wait time when I checked online, so we decided to take that's much closer anyway, but usually has long line-ups. Our crossing only took about 5 - 10 minutes...a few questions and welcome home!

A view of Boundary we head to the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal...
There's still snow on the mountains north of Vancouver...
We arrived at the ferry terminal at 10:45, in time for the 11:00 a.m.sailing but we didn't make it on so we had to wait for the 1:00 p.m. sailing. Look at these interesting vehicles coming into the ferry terminal...from what I've been able to find out online is that they are Velomobiles. We'd never seen anything like them before!

A fellow we didn't know walked over and introduced himself to Steve. Turns out he's been following our blog for years and is Bill Snider's brother-in-law. Small world! Duane and Pat are on their way back from Arizona as well and have a really cool custom made truck. A Ford/International mated together and is 4 wheel drive. Very nice!
It was a beautiful day for a ferry ride...and we managed to get a window table in the cafeteria where we enjoyed lunch with a great view...

We disembarked from the ferry and continued south with all of the ferry traffic heading towards Victoria....passing the town of Sidney...
About 15 minutes later, we turned off the highway and made our way to Oceanside RV Resort
We stayed here 9 years ago when we lived in our fifth-wheel for 4 months before retiring. 

After registering, we continued onto site 19...home for the next 2 months. Oceanside is a nice park with long wide sites separated with vegetation.

We had just finished setting up the satellite dish and getting it tuned in when our son, Rob arrived with Conner and Bryce. Rob had taken the day off to look after the boys since Conner didn't have school today. Such a great greeting and welcome home from them!

Rob horsing around with Bryce...
Conner interested in our National Geographic book about birds of North America...
Then we went over to check out the playground...Bryce on one side of this swing...
...and Conner on the other...
Conner is much braver on the swing than the last time we were at a playground with them...

The boys had a great time! But then it was time for them to head off...Mom would be home soon.

We finished up the last little bit of our setup and then relaxed good to be back!

And that finishes up our trip across Canada that started May 27, 2018...completing a loop down through eastern US, eventually ending up in Quartzsite...and now home April 1, 2019.

We drove a total of 22,760 km/14,225 miles in the truck spending $8,139 on diesel. This mileage doesn't include the 7 days driven in rental cars when we toured Prince Edward Island and Cape Breton Island. Unfortunately we never even thought to record those miles :(   We spent $5,002 on campground fees which averaged out to $16.19 per night over 309 days.


  1. Welcome home! I bet it is good to see the kids and grandkids. I have never seen one of those Velomobiles, I don't think I would like to be in one of those, looks like you could get squashed like a bug!

    1. It’s nice to be back with our rig for 5 months for the first time in almost 9 years! We don’t feel rushed to see friends and we’re getting some quality family time in. Don’t think we’ll be trading in our quads for Velomobiles any time soon. 😜

  2. Very glad you are back home and we will get to see you in a couple of day. :)

    1. We are really looking forward to your cooking...or should we say our visit and seeing your little piece of paradise! 😉

  3. You got a nice visit with family right away too! We really liked Oceanside Park, beautiful setting and the trails are so nice. The Prairie Inn Pub had the best Shepherds Pie! Add a Guiness draft and that's near heaven lol. Enjoy your stay.

    1. We’re really enjoying being back. Sure would be nice if the ferry wasn’t so expensive so we could do it more often. $392 each way! Always liked the Prairie Inn...on our visit list.