Wednesday, November 28, 2018 (Travel to Picacho Peak State Park, AZ)

Another beautiful sunny day...certainly not getting tired of this! By 11:00, we had packed up and were ready to pull out. We walked over to say goodbye to Dale and Ruth...see ya in Q!

Dave and Leslie pulled out ahead of us and went to the sani-dump...we pulled in behind them. When it was our turn...and as Steve was waiting for the tanks to empty...he noticed a black streak on the drivers side fender and the trailer seemed low over the wheels. Great!! It appears the leaf-spring had broken...and we had just had the entire trailer suspension replaced a year ago on our way down! Sheesh!

We told Dave and Leslie that there was no point in them waiting around for us so they continued on to Picacho.

We finished up at the dump and pulled over near the gatehouse and went in to see if they could recommend a mobile RV tech. The Ranger gave us a couple of options...suggesting we try Arizona Road-Runner RV first.

After a couple of phone calls with them, about an hour later, Wayne, the tech arrived and had a leaf-spring with him. It took awhile, but he managed to get us fixed up.
Only the top leaf spring is still holding, the rest have twisted to the side.
The new leaf spring with a pretty flimsy looking leaf spring band. Wayne pounded out the plastic bushings and replaced them with bronze ones...
You can see how badly bent the upper leaf spring is from holding all that weight on it's own. Wayne said it was a good thing we didn't drive any further because we would have most likely punctured a tire!  Wayne was very professional and gave us great service!
In the meantime, Dave had texted saying that the potable water at Picacho Peak had a high nitrate content and suggested we fill our (drinking) water containers here if we can. And that's when Dale came to the rescue! He stopped on his way back into the park to see how we were doing...and took our containers to fill with filtered water at their site. Sweet!

When Dale returned with the water containers, he had Ruth with was nice to have another chat with them both. Thanks very much for filling our containers!

Three hours later...and $432 poorer...we pulled out of Catalina and headed to Picacho Peak.

Now remember this picture and that tallest peak...Steve and Dave are going to attempt to climb to the top!
Thankfully, it was only about a 45 minute drive...
We got our passes at the gatehouse and continued on to the sani-dump to fill with water.
Dave and Leslie met us at the dump...they were concerned that we wouldn't be able to make the sharp turn into it, but we managed okay. Dave warned us that the dump was full of bees around the potable water but weren't aggressive. Alrighty then we'll have to trust you on that...and they weren't thankfully. Now...getting into our site (A16) was another was at the start of a curve in the road making it a challenge but we made it. The site only has power hook-up...50 amp, which is nice!

It was after 5:30 by the time we were all set up. We had planned on cooking dinner for all 4 of us tonight but after our day, Leslie and Dave suggested they take the burger patties and salad over to their place and they would cook...thanks guys!!

We relaxed at their place with a couple of drinks before dinner and then Dave grilled the burgers while Leslie put the salad together....delicious dinner!

After dinner, we all went over to our place for dessert...sharing 2 mini pies that Leslie and Dave had and adding our frozen yogourt. Yum!
It was Wednesday...Survivor we gathered in front of the TV to watch the 2 hour the time it was over, it was bedtime. What a day!


  1. Glad your spring was a relatively easy fix. Hopefully the rest of your season is free of repairs.

  2. Bummer about your leaf spring but lucky you were able to find someone good to fix it so quickly. Hopefully that will fix everything for a while!

    1. We were lucky to find a good mobile RV tech to come right out. Thank goodness he had the parts and was able to fix it right away.

  3. Whoa. Good thing you were able to get someone so nice to fix the leafspring. Eeew on the bees :-( Yay on the yummy dinner and tv show!!

    1. It really sucks having a breakdown but on the positive side we were in a good spot and not on the side of I-10 hours from help.