Sunday and Monday, November 11 and 12, 2018 (KOA Campground, Carlsbad, NM)

We had an absolutely beautiful sunny day today with temperatures up to 70F/21C...must be the calm before the storm! We have decided to stay an extra night because of the forecast of possible snow on our route through the Guadalupe Mountains for Monday.

Today was chore day...Leslie and I both did laundry. I had a ton since we haven't done it since leaving Elkhart...time for some clean undies! LOL

After the laundry was done, we all gathered at our place to take a look at maps and decide where to go from here. We made reservations in Las Cruses and Kartchner Caverns. At least we have the next week planned.

Steve and I got out for a walk...taking all the roads in the campground. It felt good to get some exercise, but we were also happy to relax in the sunshine afterwards.

Dave grilled chicken for dinner, Leslie put together a salad and I roasted potatoes...another great feast together! We really enjoyed another evening together!

As predicted, Monday was a very cold blustery day...high was 39F/4C but with the windchill, it felt like about 25F/-4C! We even saw a few snowflakes flying...not enough to actually stick, thank goodness! Such a change from yesterday!

We had a leisurely morning...Steve working on picture editing (as usual) and I did a little knitting. Then we all piled in Dave and Leslie's truck and headed off to stock up at Walmart. By the time we were finished, we were all hungry, so headed to our favourite restaurant, Buffalo Wild Wings...yes, there just happened to be one in Carlsbad! Cool!
Once home, and with the groceries all put away, we both headed outside. Steve put water in the freshwater tank and emptied the holding tanks, while I put away the chairs...getting ready to leave in the morning!

Steve decided to start up the hasn't been used for a couple of years! Yup...nothing like the layer of dust burning off! But it worked just fine.

Then it was time for happy hour! Too cold to sit outside, so we gathered inside our place and we introduced Dave and Leslie to Rummikub. We played 'girls against the guys'...and the girls ruled! Okay, guys...we'll give you a chance another night!


  1. I think you girls cheated somehow ??? We were so close to winning but no, denied. We had fun anyway because Steve and I are gentlemen and allowed the ladies a chance .....bahahaha.

    1. Us girls cheat? Ha! Pure skill on our part...right Leslie? LOL I think a re-match is in order!