Friday, November 9, 2018 (Travel to KOA Campground, Carlsbad, New Mexico)

There was no need to rush this morning since we only had a 2 1/2 hour drive to Carlsbad. After our usual start to the day, we got cleaned up and then started our pack-up.

After pulling out and backing up to the sani-dump and emptying our tanks, we were on our way. We continued west on highway started off sunny but as we neared Carlsbad, we were back in clouds.

It was not a particularly pretty is what we saw...cotton fields...
Oil rigs...
And farm equipment...
New Mexico! 

We arrived at the Carlsbad KOA just before 1:00. As we were being escorted to our site, we saw Dave and Leslie pulling into the campground...good timing!

We were just getting situated in our site when our neighbours arrived...we have a buddy site, so our doors face each other...perfect!

After big hugs, we both got to work setting up our rigs....and looking forward to that magical hour when we can sit down with a brew and start catching up.

As we were finishing up, a little sun came out and we sat outside with a beer...Alien Amber Ale that they had picked up. Who can resist with a name like that! Thanks for sharing, was surprisingly good! Cheers!
And I got to reunite with my little 4-legged buddy, Margaret...I stole this picture from Dave and Leslie's blog...Chateau Roche...on the Road (thanks!)...
And so began some major catching up! Steve also set up the campfire-in-a-can and we sat outside for as long as possible...but it eventually got too chilly, so we all went inside our place.

Dinner was chili that I had taken out of the freezer...and salad provided by Leslie...
And dessert....pie from Pie Town...thanks Dave and Leslie! YUM! Dave doesn't get ice cream, so he's already eating his piece!
We spent a wonderful evening catching good to connect with you now that you are retired and on the road! So much to see and do...looking forward to spending time with you both!


  1. Wow you got to Carlsbad Two Days before we did. Hope you enjoyed doing the Cavern.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Looks like big campsites. Margaret is such a sweetie.

    1. It was a good choice to stay here but a ways away from the biggy though. 🙂

  3. So great to meet up with you two "down south." We get to learn from masters instead of just wingin' it. Awesome! Margaret is also very happy to live on treats and get lots of attention. Good times !

    1. Ya hang with us you’ll have to learn to wing it! 😜

  4. Lots of farm equipment in that area! We love Carlsbad, cool you were able to share it with Dave and Leslie.

    1. After being on our own for the most part for many months it’s nice to reconnect with people you know and have lots in common. They are fun to hang with!