Friday September 22 to Thursday, October 5, 2017 (Fort Camping Brae Island Regional Park, Fort Langley, BC)

Friday morning we were both awake very early...after laying awake since about 4:00, Steve finally decided to just get up. It wasn't even 5:00 yet! It is a bit of a stressful time right now, trying to get everything on the "to-do list" done before October 6. That is the date we start our winter travels...and that is not just the date we "want" to start but the date we "have" to because we have to out of Fort Camping that date (extending our stay is not an option). Normally, it wouldn't be a problem...2 weeks left to get the "list" done. But unfortunately there are unexpected issues that always seems to crop up that weren't on the "list" the leaky shower stall. Today, another issue was added...our hot water tank stopped working (on the electric setting).

Steve made another phone call to Paul (Paul's Mobile RV Service) shortly after 8:00 and Paul actually answered! He had another call to go to and would come out after that...of course, no idea how long that would be. So Steve couldn't get started on washing the 'door side' of the trailer because he didn't want to make a mucky mess with the water. Consequently, it seemed like a long morning waiting for Paul to arrive...Steve frustrated because he couldn't get to work.

I finished the last blog update(s) that I had been working on giving Steve something to...editing and adding his comments. Once he was finished, it was back to me for a final review of formatting and publishing.

Much to our relief, Paul arrived at noon. He started with the hot water tank.
Last spring Steve had replaced the thermostat/hi limit switches so thought it might be the element. Turns out it was the on/off switch at the tank which Steve never uses. Forty-five minutes later, Paul was on his way. We'll see him October 2 when he is back to install a new awning and fix our screen door.

Now...time to get on with the rest of the day! Steve got started on washing the trailer while I picked up a few groceries I needed for the dessert I'm making to take to Chris and Angela's tomorrow.

Shortly before 5:00 Steve had finished his work for the day...he even managed to get one side waxed as well. After cleaning up, we headed off to The Fort Pub for wings and's Friday night, after all!

Saturday morning, Steve finished waxing the side of the trailer while I made cheesecake to take to Chris and Angela's this afternoon.

At about 2:00 we headed into the city. Rob, Angie and the grandkids are over visiting Chris and Angela for the weekend, so since our family is together, we're having an early Thanksgiving Dinner.

We relaxed on the deck visiting...Rob (holding Bryce), Steve, Angela, Angie and Chris...
 Bryce playing with Uncle Chris...
After a long afternoon nap (I actually ended up waking him), Conner is out in the backyard trying to pet Dexter (Chris' cat). Poor Dexter is just not sure of these little people running around his house LOL!
 We had a delicious turkey dinner with all of the trimmings!
What a wonderful afternoon and evening...great family time! Thanks so much Chris and Angela!

Sunday, still trying to figure out where the leak in the shower  is coming from, Steve thought he'd change the hose to the shower-head. The decorative outer coil around it came apart from the tap assembly some time ago. During his last shower, he realized that there was fine mist of water spraying from the base of it directly onto the bottom of the shower door. hinge Thinking that water may be making it through to the screws holding down the stall door frame, perhaps that steady stream of water was the problem. It wasn't.

Steve continued work on the trailer, waxing the snout...while I did a  couple of loads of laundry. That afternoon, we decided to make a trip out to the Abbotsford Costco to fill up our propane tanks. I also picked up a few things. After a stop for enough diesel to get us across the border on October 6, we went to Fraserway RV. Steve picked up a new 30 to 50  amp electrical pigtail adapter and then we wandered around some of the new fifth-wheels...nothing much interested us (even if we were in the market for a new one).

Monday (September 25) started with rain and then continued to be drizzly and misty. The saga of our leaky shower continues so Steve spend most of the day resealing around the stall edge...there, absolutely everything has been resealed! I spent my day puttering around in the trailer and doing a little baking.

Tuesday afternoon we packed up and headed to the ferry. We're going over to Vancouver Island for some appointments and visiting with family and friends. Rob is attending a course in Richmond (suburb of Vancouver) and is hoping to catch the 5 pm ferry...hopefully we'll connect on that sailing.

Unfortunately, he didn't make the 5 but managed to catch the 6 pm sailing. We were on the 5 pm sailing so ended up taking a taxi to the house, borrowing Angie's car and going to the airport to pick up a rental car.

Wednesday morning, Conner was very excited to show us his school uniform...he attends junior kindergarten where his mom works. So cute!
Both Steve and I had appointments to have our eyes checked...which included drops to dilate our pupils. It was over two and a half hour before we were finished! And stepping outside into the sunshine was brutal! Good thing we had our sunglasses with us!

By this time it was going on 1:00, so we decided to go to the beautiful Sidney waterfront for lunch at The Rumrunner Pub...
We spotted this cool car, a Packard, parked near the restaurant when leaving...

After lunch, we decided to go for our favourite walk along the Sidney waterfront...such a beautiful day!
Mount Baker in Washington State...a little hazy...
Sidney Pier...
Someones been busy with these rocks...
Thursday Steve dropped me off at the Med Grill Restaurant to meet two of my former co-workers, Lynn and Gwen for lunch.We spent a couple of hours catching wonderful seeing you both!
While I was doing that, Steve drove to the waterfront in Victoria and went for a walk along the Ogden Point breakwater. That's it in the distance...
Stairway to the beach, when the tides out...

Pilot boats...

This was an unusual sight. A fellow walking by told Steve it was a Mud Shark. Steve looked it up later and turns out its a Rat Fish.
There were two separate groups of divers...

Explorer Of The Seas cruise ship and a pilot boat heading out to meet a freighter...

The pilot boat is heading out to that freighter on the horizon...
Victoria Police motorcycle squad in training...
A little history about the breakwater...

Back in the 80's the terminal in this photo went up in flames. Steve and his buddies sat along the breakwater to watch it. People in Port Angeles in Washington State thought Victoria was on fire,,,

This is a very popular eatery at the entrance to the breakwater...

Friday morning after an appointment at our bank, I dropped Steve off back at home and went to my Orthopaedic Surgeon appointment. I basically see him every six months for injections in my knee...first of all, it was my right knee however for the last couple of years it has been my left knee. Well, was both knees! Hopefully that does the trick and I'll be good for lots of walking and hiking this winter!

It was after 2:00 by the time I got home...then we immediately headed out to Colwood (suburb of Victoria) to visit Steve's sister and her husband (Nadine and Mike).  Forgot to take a picture, great seeing you both!

Saturday was a day of visiting. The day started off by meeting our good friends, Rob and Nancy for breakfast. After a great couple of hours visiting and some big hugs, we said our goodbyes. Again we forgot to take a picture.

Next, was out to Langford to meet more friends, Jim and Nan, for coffee...again, a great visit, big hug...and we were on our way. (Nan didn't want her picture taken)
Finally, was a stop at my brother's place where we had a wonderful, albeit, short visit with Dwight, Helen and their son, Adam. So good getting a quick visit in! Adam recently had ground breaking brain surgery to alleviate seizures he has been plagued with most of his young life. He's doing great...all the best Adam! We must start remembering the camera!

With the visiting done, we dropped our car rental off at the airport and Rob picked us up. It was going on 5:00 by this time...a good day!

Rob making dinner... fish tacos, thanks, Rob!
I finally finished a sweater that I crocheted for Conner...the sweater itself was finished over a year ago but I hadn't been able to find buttons for it (and I really hadn't been in a hurry to find any because he had some growing to do to fit into it). Well, I managed to find a couple at Micheal's in Kamloops on one of our shopping trips last summer, and voila...finished!
Sunday (October 1) we were up, packed and ready to head to the ferry shortly after 8:00. But before leaving, a picture with our grandsons, Conner and Bryce...
We caught the 9 am ferry...thanks for your hospitality Rob and Angie! Wonderful seeing you!

We wanted to see Chris and Angela one last time before we leave Friday, so we arranged to meet for lunch at Big Ridge Brewery in Surrey. A great lunch and visit!

Monday...and the start of a busy week trying to get everything done in preparation for our departure Friday morning. We expected Paul's Mobile RV Service out to install our new awning and check further into the shower stall leak. We also had Dave from Tuxedo Carpet Care to do the carpets at 10:30. Well...after not seeing or hearing from Paul, Steve called him. Apparently the awning hadn't arrived yet. Gee, why didn't you call to let us know? After voicing concern about the ongoing leaky shower, Paul said he would be out later this afternoon.

Steve spent his day outside...washing the truck...
Meanwhile, I waited for the carpet cleaner to arrive...completely in limbo all morning! Finally at noon he arrived. He was all done about a half hour later. The old carpets don't look bad...I'm pleased with how well they turned out.

Tuesday morning Steve had an appointment to take the truck into Bernhausen Diesel. They just had a dyno machine installed and it was now up and running. They were going to try to replicate the squealing/whistling sound the truck makes when the exhaust break engages going downhill.
The truck is strapped down at 4 points while it runs on the rollers...

With no luck on getting it to squeal the tech is manually adjusting the exhaust brake closed at 70 %.
Unfortunately they couldn't get the truck to squeal and with no soot trail to indicate a leak there wasn't anything else they could do.

Wednesday morning Steve finished all of his cleaning...truck and trailer are all spic 'n span clean! Early afternoon we headed into Langley. I needed to pick up my prescription at Costco. Plus the saga of the leaky shower stall continues and it seems no amount of sealing and re-sealing is fixing the problem. So we thought we'd stop by Traveland RV on the off chance they'd be able to check it out on Friday. No such luck...they are booking into mid November. We basically decided we'd have to be careful with the water we use while showering...and get the issue checked somewhere down south.

The fall colours are beautiful...I took this picture as we approach Fort Langley...
Paul was expected out at 3:00 to install our new awning. He also said he wanted to try re=sealing the shower drain. Like Steve, he is stymied by the leak that won't go away. Steve is convinced that it isn't the drain but having exhausted everything else, it's worth a try. He called just before 4:00 to say that the awning hadn't come in yet...he should have it tomorrow.

We sat outside in the late afternoon sun enjoying happy hour with our neightbours, Kirstin and Dave. Nice folks from Calgary, Alberta. Great meeting you...glad you joined us!
Thursday morning Steve went out to check the air in the truck tires and then spent the rest of his day finishing last minute chores that needed to be done. I did laundry, and also finished up tasks that I had gradually been doing all week in prep for leaving.

Shortly before 4:00 when we had not heard from Paul, Steve called him. Apparently the awning had just arrived at 2:30. Could he come out at 9:00 tomorrow morning?! We leave first thing in the morning. So at 4:15, Dan, who works for Paul arrived...about 15 minutes later, Paul arrived. About an hour later, the new awning was installed and Paul had re=sealed the shower drain. This is Dan cleaning off the awning while Paul has his head inside the garage doing the drain.
Earlier in the afternoon, Steve had done down to the gatehouse to pick up a bundle of firewood. We had a bunch of old receipts and personal papers that needed to be burned. So we had a rid of a bunch of paper and there's probably still more that could be cleaned out!

I really wanted to get this update done before we leave in the here I sit typing away and it's almost 11:00 pm! Consequently, it is very much rushed (particularly the last bit).

Tomorrow our winter adventures begin...can hardly wait! Stay tuned....


  1. Glad you finally got your awning. Looking forward to catching up.

    1. Can't believe how hard it was to finally get it after the screw up with Shade Pro in Quartzsite and Pauls Mobile RV forgetting about us...geez! See ya in awhile.

  2. Have you tried changing out the shower knob assembly? they are made of plastic and are known the crack overtime. I have changed a few of them. Chris.

    1. Thanks for the tip Chris, however there is no water showing on the water lines in the basement and with the shower wall dry there is no water showing under the wall plate with the shower faucets. We are stumped!

    2. Not talking about the front of the shower wall you are looking at. talking behind where the lines connect to the faucet knobs. they have a tendency to crack.

    3. Thanks. We are going to have a look at that today.

  3. That's two head scratcher problems you guys are having!! Buster's squeal and now the shower,frustrating I am sure. Safe travels this winter and hopefully trouble free. Upside is you should have better truck power and better milage :) always the optimist!