Wednesday, October 18, 2017 (Travel to Las Vegas KOA at Sam's Town, Las Vegas, NV)

We only had a couple of hour to Vegas today, so we weren't in any hurry. After getting everything packed up, we left the slides until our return, and went for a walk around the campground. This picture overlooks the picnic area below and I-15 that we will be taking...
Our aim was to leave at 11:00 which would get us to Sam's Town by the 1:00 check-in time. However, for some reason I got my time zones all mixed up...going from Utah, to Arizona and finally Nevada. It was actually 10:00 when we pulled out of Virgin River Canyon campground.

We continued on I-15 through the Virgin River Canyon. It's pretty cloudy out today...too bad, the pictures would be so much nicer with a blue sky backdrop!

Nonetheless, the drive through the canyon is beautiful...with lots of twists and turns!

There's the Virgin River down there...
We just exited the canyon...

They make very attractive looking overpasses down here... can barely see Vegas through the smog...
We arrived at Las Vegas KOA Sam's Town a few minutes after noon...sure hope we're not too early to check-in. We weren't the only ones in the line up to register so that was a good sign!
We went into the office to register and waited our turn...we were assigned site 312, a 70 foot long pull through. An interesting side-note...yesterday when I called, I was told they only had one 40 foot site left. She didn't make it sound like we would fit, so I wanted to check our blog from last time we were here (March 2012). Sure enough, we were in a 40 foot site then but had to park the truck sideways in front of the trailer. It was part-way on the road but the road is wide, so it didn't seem to be an issue. When I called back to reserve, I got a different person who had no problem finding us a 70 foot site for us.

The only thing we don't really like is the setup of the's not bad if you are travelling with friends because your trailer entrances face each other. This wasn't too bad, though, at least there is a divider with a tree between us and our neighbours. For some reason they parked away from their services which placed them closer to us. (the rig on the left)...sheesh!

After getting all set up, Steve spent the rest of the afternoon researching plumbers in the area in preparation for calling in the morning.


  1. Love that drive through the Virgin River Canyon!

  2. The California wildfires have been sending lots of smoke into the valley with the wind direction. The evening news even predicts when the smoke will come in. Hope you were able to get your shower repaired. Definitely something I wouldn't want to be without.

    1. It sure has been a bad year for wildfires along the western US and Canada. I finally found several hairline cracks in the shower pan so we're waiting on price and delivery for a replacement. I may have to MacGyver it for now.

  3. Good to know we would fit there if necessary.

    1. Not bad for a private park...and Sam's Town Casino is pretty cool. Handy having a free shuttle that will take you down to the Strip or Fremont Street so you don't have to battle the traffic. Also lots of stores/services close by...Walmart right across the street, Albertsons a couple of blocks away and Costco about 3-4 miles.