Friday to Thursday, September 15 to 21, 2017 (Fort Camping, Brae Island Regional Park, Fort Langley, BC)

Friday morning I took off mid-morning to run a few errands before taking the rental car back. Steve picked me up at noon and we went to Bernhausen Diesel to talk to them about the video/audio clip. I had transferred it to YouTube and emailed it to them earlier this morning. At least now they know the sound. The owner said that the only option at this point is to put the truck on the dyno machine when it's up and running. They have it installed in the pit but it still has to be wired in, tested and a little training will be required so it's uncertain if it will be available before we head south.

When Steve first met the owner he gave him a tour of his 2017 Ford in the shop. The box and  wheels were off as he was part way modifying the suspension, tires and wheels. All back together now and with a body wrap too!
Front suspension
Rear suspension...
Back home at around 1:00, we decided to get out for a power-walk, taking our usual 3 mile route. There is a Paddle Wheeler docked near the pub...

After our walk, we got down to some chores...Steve cleaned out the basement storage of the trailer while I did a few loads of laundry.

Saturday we had arranged a get together for lunch in Burnaby with family in the area. We headed out mid-morning because we needed to stop at an insurance agency and buy road insurance for the fifth-wheel. Last night we were relaxing outside after our work was done and Steve said "did we get insurance for the trailer?". He has no idea what made him think of it...but it turns out, no we hadn't, the tag on the licence plate expired last May! Wow, don't know how that happened. At least we were parked for most of that time!

With that done, we continued into Burnaby to Earls Bridge Park which is actually on the Burnaby/Vancouver time we'll pick a spot closer. The traffic was horrendous...a lot of volume on a Saturday along with road construction (and missing our exit off the freeway didn't help!)

But everyone made it! Left to right, around the table...Esther, Paul, cousin Bev, Rob, Grant, Angela, Chris, me, Steve and cousin Cheryl...
A couple of hours later, after a wonderful visit with everyone, we were out in the parking lot saying goodbye. Grant (on his new to him Harley) and Cheryl...
It was great seeing everyone...we'll do it again next spring!

Sunday, with rain in the forecast later in the day, we got out for a walk in the morning. We took the trail here on the island that goes to Tavistock Point.

Nice mansions on the other side...
When we got back, Steve checked the weather forecast and found that the rain wasn't due to start until mid afternoon, so he decided to wash the trailer roof and toppers.  He was just finishing up when the rain started.

At 3:30 we headed back into the city...this time to Coquitlam and Chris and Angela's. They are having a family dinner. We had a lovely visit with Angela's family...and a delicious dinner! Left to right around the table...Chris, me, Angela, Lucy, Luigi, Nonna, Joe and Marco...
It was about 7:30 when we all said goodnight and headed home...thanks for a great evening, Chris and Angela! The Fraser River as we go over the Port Mann Bridge...
Not very exciting this week...time to get some chores done! Monday Steve wanted to tackle a leak in the shower stall. He had noticed water in the basement below the shower when we had arrived...time to fix it! But first of all, we needed to make a trip to Home Depot for some caulking.

On the way home, he dropped me off in Fort Langley. I wanted to pop into the insurance agency there and get a quote from them on travel insurance. I have been doing a bunch of research and getting quotes for our 6 months down south this season. It's pretty costly...over $2000 for the two of us, so I am doing a lot of checking around.

When I got home, Steve was working on the shower stall, resealing all sources where water could get through.

Tuesday we had rain it was an inside day for the most part. After our morning showers, Steve checked for any sign of the his dismay, it's still there. It doesn't seem to be coming from the he re-sealed other spots where he thought water was getting through. Paul's Mobile RV Service stopped by to have a look at the broken hinge on our screen door, so Steve talked to him about the leak. He gave Steve some suggestions on what may be the problem. So he worked on that while I worked on a blog update.

Wednesday Steve discovered that this leaky shower problem is becoming a bigger issue...he can't seem to figure out where it's leaking. All of his efforts haven't fixed it! We had another chore day...Steve washed one side of the trailer while I vacuumed and cleaned inside.

I guess some water splashed into the fridge vent while Steve was washing because all of a sudden the fridge started beeping with a warning...Li Op. (Limit Open) This first happened last winter in Quartzsite when we had a company come out to wash the rig. The fellow had sprayed so much water up into the fridge vent that the switch was wet and had to be taken apart, dried out and reset (thanks to the help of Earl then, Steve knows what to do). This time the switch wasn't wet but I guess it must have sensed some moisture. Steve was successful in resetting it...yay! Once taken apart and dried you need a strong magnet held up against the relay to reset it.
This is the switch out of it's protective case...
All fixed and back in it's case...

Thursday, getting extremely frustrated with the leaky shower stall that he can't seem to fix, Steve called Paul's Mobile RV Service to have him come out. Unfortunately, all he could do was leave a message for a return phone call...which he never got. He spent the day waxing the side of the trailer he washed yesterday...all the while waiting for a return call from Paul and worrying about the damage that the water under the shower stall may have done.
While he was outside waxing, I decided to tackle a job that I have been putting off...clean out my clothes cupboard. Once that chore was done, I continued work on our blog update.

Paul never did call late afternoon, Steve tried to get in touch with him a number of times, each met with voicemail...sheesh!


  1. Hope you get the leaky shower fixed soon. What a pain! especially when you have tried caulking everything you possibly can. Could it be the tap in behind come slightly loose? Just a thought. I would imagine that you can't wait to get started on your winter trip. Hopefully see you guys at the end of October somewhere.

    1. Tap has been re-sealed...poor Steve is very frustrated! Looking forward to see you down south!

  2. You guys need to get down south so you can have some down time. But I guess that won' fix a shower.

    1. Looking forward to heading south! But, yes, must get shower leak fixed first!