Friday and Saturday, October 27 and 28, 2017 (Lone Rock Campground, Lake Powell, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, Utah)

We woke to glorious clear sky Friday beautiful! Lots of sunshine...gotta love it! Steve decided he was going to get all of the "toys" out today. He started by off-loading the boat (in the background) and then moved on to the quads. Here he is checking the pressure in the tires...

While he was doing that, I got my knitting and sat outside enjoying the warm sunshine. We weren't sure whether Ray and Deb would be arriving today or Saturday but around 11:00, I got a text saying they would be here at about 12:45 today...awesome!

And right on time, they arrived! Steve was actually just heading out on his quad for a little ride around the area when he called back to me..."I think they're here". After big hugs and greetings...and checking out where they would park, they drove their car back up the hill to get the motorhome.

Steve carried on his quad ride and took some great pictures. The far right looks towards the marina and Glen Canyon Dam near Page, AZ.
After being so busy here yesterday, we were surprised to see how much it cleared out on a Friday morning!
That's us behind the darker motohome...

We're right in the center of the picture...
A close up shot...

Looking back towards camp...
Once Deb and Ray got all set up, it was time to relax in the sunshine and catch up over a few adult beverages...
Then it was campfire time...and dinner outside. Perfect table for the 4 of us to sit at (thanks to the Kyles!). Steve and I did a simple dinner tonight...grilled burgers, salad and chips..
Saturday morning started with a beautiful sunrise...
We were sitting with our morning coffee when I got a text from Deb..."bus" leaves in a half hour for town! Yikes! I had a quick shower and was ready to go. "Town" is Page, Arizona about 10 miles further south on highway 89. Once you cross the Utah, Arizona border, the time zone changes and you gain an hour...very confusing. Mind you, Steve and I are still on Pacific time (from being in Vegas) but Ray and Deb are on Utah time, so we constantly have to confirm whose time we're on when making plans. That will change in another week, though, as daylight savings time ends in Utah.

Once in Page, our first stop was at Walmart. Deb needed a few things but I had just stocked up in Vegas so I didn't need much...but I did come home with a new Instant Pot. So many of our friends have them...and Deb raves about hers...that I decided it was time to ditch the little crock pot and get on board with everyone else.

After Walmart, we made our rounds of all of the nail salons in town, trying to both get pedicures...without any success. Oh well, we'll have to try again next week. After a couple of more stops...and breakfast/lunch at Denny's (pretty much a disaster as they are short staffed and it took us over an hour to get our meal)...we headed home.

When we arrived, Steve wasn't home...I soon discovered he had gone out in the boat. It wasn't long, though, and he was back. Deb, Steve and I were sitting outside when Ray asked if it was time for Steve's 'Lightroom' lesson. Since getting the photo editing software back in Langley, Steve has just been too busy to even look at it. Ray uses Lightroom so it was great timing to meet up with them.
I joined the lesson for the download/import into Lightroom part...and then returned outside to chat with Deb.

Here are Steve's first pictures edited using the new program. Pictures from his boat ride this morning...

Steve spotted a dark object in the water and was surprised to see a couple of swimmers hundreds of yards from shore way beyond the swimming buoys. The way the jet skis rip around here that's kind of dangerous! He stopped to ask if they were okay and they were.
Our camp...
This is Freya...

Paddle boarder...

Another end to another beautiful day! Tomorrow we are all going to pile into Ray and Deb's car and going sightseeing...stay tuned!


  1. Isn't that water incredibly clear? I loved the formations n the rocks on the opposite shore where the wave eroded the sandstone

    1. This area is incredible and the formations continually change colour depending on the angle of the sun.

  2. We are heading back to this area in March. But we stay in Wahweap RV and Campground. I'm spoiled and need by hook-ups:) If you have time for a beautiful drive and short hike, check out our blog post from last year. The Paria River road is the most beautiful colors we have ever seen. My photos don't begin to show the bright, vivid rainbow of colors.

    1. We did the Paria Road yesterday... Absolutely stunning!! Steve's busy working on all the pictures he took.

  3. Dianne ,the area looks beautiful! What's the ATVing like, is there riding in that area?

    1. At Lone Rock it's more playing around on the hills. We toured Johnson Canyon just west of here and there was an ATV staging area. We haven't checked any further but you can research the Utah OHV website for more riding info. Cheers!