Thursday, Friday and Saturday, October 19, 20 and 21, 2017 (KOA at Sam's Town, Las Vegas, NV)

Thursday morning Steve got to the task of calling repair companies regarding our leaky shower stall. He initially wanted a plumber with a bore scope camera to come out in an attempt to find the leak. None of the RV facilities seemed to have one and had recommended a plumber. He even tried bath and kitchen reno companies. He quickly grew extremely frustrated as all companies he called would have nothing to do with an RV.

Going back to a search for a mobile RV repair company, he finally found one with good reviews who said they had a camera. Happy Hals Mobile RV Repair would be able to come out tomorrow afternoon between noon and 3....yay! finally!

With that taken care of, time to carry on with the rest of the day...mainly shopping! We started off by heading to the nearest Verizon dealer which happened to be just over 2 miles away at Go Wireless on Flamingo Road. Although we were there quite awhile, I must give a "shout out" to Eric for all the work he did for us. I had closed my account down last spring when we returned to Canada. We were no longer able to suspend our account for the 6 months we wouldn't be using it...or should I say, you can suspend it but you still had to pay your monthly bills. That wasn't going to happen, so I closed it but I had a $125 credit. After a lot of  on-line "chats" with Verizon, they were unable to mail a cheque to Canada but our credit would be available once we returned to the US and could provide them with an address to mail the cheque to. Well, I wanted to have that credit applied to a new account and after spending a lot of time on the phone with Verizon, Eric was successful in taking care of my request. I don't know how long we were least an hour...but we left with a new account opened, the $125 credit applied to it and our Verizon Jetpak activated. Thank you so much, Eric! Such a great experience when you get excellent customer service!

Next stop was Costco...where we started with lunch. After stocking up there, we had one final stop at Walmart, across the street from Sam's Town.

Once home and with the groceries all put away, it was time to relax outside in the shade with an adult beverage! the warmth...
Friday we basically hung around the rig all day. Steve had hundreds of pictures from our Capitol Reef NP visit to go through so that I could get working on blog updates. Come noon we started "waiting patiently" for a call from Jim (mobile RV tech) who was supposed to call when he was on his way.

By 3:00 when we had had no phone call and no Jim, our patience was wearing thin. Steve called and only to get voicemail...that said for faster response, leave a text. So he did. No response, no phone call.

Jim finally arrived at 4:00...with no camera. Steve went over everything that has been done. Jim decided to have another look at the taps, taking them off. leaks there. About a half hour later, he left to go back to the shop and pick up the camera..."it's not far, I'll be right back", were his last words.

As time marched on and he didn't return, we started getting madder and madder. We sat outside having a "not so happy" happy hour, watching hopefully each time a truck came into the park. We had totally given up hope and gone inside to get dinner going when Jim was after 6:30!

He said he and the owner had discussed our situation and they came to the conclusion that there had to be a hairline crack in the shower pan. And guess what, he immediately took a look at the shower floor and said "there it is". Neither Steve nor I could "see" it ...but it did make sense that there must be one there somewhere. Of course, it was now Friday night and a weekend...he said he would start checking around on Monday for a new shower pan.

Saturday morning I worked on a blog while Steve decided to take a magnifying glass and flashlight into the shower and see if he could find a hairline crack. There was no crack where Jim said he found one, but after much searching, Steve found it. Now that we know where it is, it's amazing we and three RV techs never noticed it looks so obvious! However when you stand back it's not that noticeable.
At 4:00 we wandered over to the store to find out about the happy hour drink specials for their RV guests. We were given a card to show at the Ram's Head Bar for half price drinks between 4:00 and over we went to the casino for happy hour!
Sam's Town is huge but we finally found the Ram's Head Bar...
...and took a table overlooking the big rock wall water display.

Apparently there is a show here...we didn't think we would still be here at the next showtime (6pm) but we got chatting to a fellow (also staying at the RV park) and next thing we knew, Jim from South Carolina had joined us at our table. After getting to know one another he said that he had property plenty big enough to park our rig if we were ever in his area. Sweet! 

And then the show started.
The Owl, Cougar, Eagle, Wolf and Bear were all animated...

The Wolf only comes out at showtime...

We had a great time chatting with our new friend and then we said goodnight to him and headed off to find the buffet for dinner. I had picked up a "B Connected" casino card and one of the perks is a discount at the buffet, so instead of $15.99, we paid $9.99 each. The special tonight was Prime Rib.

After eating too much (as usual at a buffet), it was time waddle home.

On the way out, I thought I'd try my luck out at a slot, throwing in $5. Well, I won enough to pay for our drinks and dinner...nice!

 The Eastside Cannery Casino is next door to the KOA and is lit up at night time...the lights are constantly changing colour...

Great end to the day!


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    1. Yes...lots of choices too. It was very good. Always eat so much at a buffet, though, wanting to try everything. Great value too...much cheaper than our trip down to the Strip!

  2. Well, at least he found the crack. You had a great dinner and some nice shows! Will you be down near Phx or Q before 11/13?