Wednesday, August 3, 2016 (St. Albert Kinsmen RV Park, St. Albert, AB)

Wednesday morning Steve called Fleet Brake at 7:00 a.m. and was told the mobile mechanic would be on his way as soon as the parts department opened at 8.00.  He arrived at 8:15 and was done by 8:45.
The old blown apart valve...
And the new valve with a different type of construction...
We hadn't had time yesterday to pick up our new laptop, so with the truck all fixed up, we headed to Best Buy. Steve dropped me off and continued checking out the shops in the strip mall looking for a spot to get a hair cut. I was given a quick overview of my laptop and Windows 10...and was soon on my way carrying both my old and new laptops. Steve had found a 'Super Cuts' salon at the end of the parking lot and was just finishing his hair cut when I caught up with him. On my walk down to meet him, I had walked by a 'Home Outfitters' store so we walked back to it to see if we'd have any success in finding a duvet cover that we liked. As it turned out, the store was closing out and everything left was 50% off. We managed to get a wasn't really what I was after but it was the best we had seen so far and the price was right.

Once home and now that we've put a few miles on the truck since the repair, all seemed fine so Steve called Coach-Net to cancel a tow.

Today was Uncle Gord's actual birthday, so the family (that was still in town) gathered at their place. Heather, DJ, Yolonde and Gord Jr joined us after their work day...
Mike and Steve...
Dinner time! Nadine and Mike had brought homemade cabbage rolls with them from Victoria...Gordon's favourite!

A delicious dinner was finished off with birthday cake...Happy 75th Birthday, Uncle Gord!


  1. The two of you sure have been busy!!! Happy birthday to your 'Uncle Gord'!..can't believe how quickly summer is going by..

    1. Thanks Sue! Yes, it's been a great time...especially having all of the family together.
      I know...summer is just flying by! Heading into the middle of August did that happen?!! LOL

  2. Man, you guys are on a spending spree! Glad you got the truck fixed! Windows 10 has a learning curve but you will get used to it.

    1. Actually, I'm not having as bad a time with Windows 10 as I thought I would. So far, so good!